Siemens MC60 Mobile Phone Review – Retro Mobile Phone with Keypad

Siemens MC60 Review: Originally released in 2003, the Siemens MC60 perhaps reflected the trends that were blowing through the mobile phone world at the time – after a period of slightly functional looking phones which took no risks on the look front such as the Nokia 3310 gave way to slightly more riskier designs. With the basic phone having to look the same, there was not much room to innovate aside from the case and the keypad. So thus we saw more models such as the Nokia 3510 and Nokia 7210.

Siemens were to embrace this change fully. Many of their earlier handsets were indeed conservative in design and were either upmarket or budget (such as the Siemens SL45), but something changed and the Siemens MC60 was one of the first distinctive designs (further were to follow, culminating in the Xelibri series).

The Siemens MC60 sat in the mid-range with a whole host of other Siemens phones with the most obvious design feature being the keypad.

Full specifications here.

The MC60 probably pushes slightly ahead of the other variants due to the colour screen and camera.

Siemens MC60 Review: Pros

  • Once we get used to the look the form of the phone is very nice, with a curved shape. The phone takes its cues from Nokia and the covers are very easy to remove and hence be customised. The operating system also does a passable job of imitating the leading Nokia ones at the time with a similar range of functions.
  • Unlike other phones the central 5 key could be used as an instant short-cut to access the camera. Perhaps the only other phone at the time to feature this type of layout was the Nokia 3650, and the Siemens MC60 comes in a more natural shape.
  • At a time where mobile phones with integrated cameras were extremely expensive, the Siemens MC60 delighted by coming in at a much cheaper rate. This is perhaps not so much an issue nowadays with the prices of vintage phones pretty much not being dictated by the level of technology.

Siemens MC60 Review: Cons

  • This phone has aged rather poorly. It seems as if ambitions exceeded the available technology at the time. The screen is poor, and the resolution is not good. There is only a limited amount of text that can fit onto the screen and this puts the quality of the pictures down to almost a pointless mode.
  • The camera is also not great even by 2003 standards with a very low maximum resolution. By this time other cameras and screens were way ahead, for example the Nokia 6230 had approximately double the capability (albeit at a higher price).
  • With no MMC card slot this really limited the storage capacity, although this was not the first old camera phone to fall foul of this.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing:

Siemens were a much bigger player in the mobile phone market than they are today and were very popular. The MC60 was also a popular model because of its price point and appeared on most of the main networks. That said, today it is definitely not a common item on the market, and good condition ones will have a good premium over the same Nokia phones of the era. Not convinced this is an absolute classic, but there is good novelty value.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have availability.

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Siemens MC60 Disassembly Instructions

For an interesting page showing how to take apart the Siemens MC60 for repair purposes, please see here.

Siemens MC60 Video Review

Here is a video showcasing the features of the Siemens MC60:

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