Nokia 6111 Review – Ultra Portable Full-Featured Retro Phone

Nokia 6111 Review: Originally released in 2005, the Nokia 6111 was the start of a little tangent for Nokia phone designs. Staunchly using the candybar model upon which its success was based, they had started to branch out into the flip models of the phones which had been seeing success at the time. The Nokia 6101, Nokia 6260, and Nokia 7270 were all examples of this.

The slide version of the phone was a little different. By offering a keypad which retracted in behind the screen, this seemed to be a rough combination of both the candybar and flip models and potentially could please both market. With Nokia’s speciality in slide models restricted to the housing (for instance, Nokia 8850 or Nokia 7110), this represented something new for the company, although it wasn’t totally innovative, models such as the Siemens SL55 were already in existence as much as two years before.

Full specifications here.

Whilst the slider phone would always remain a minority within Nokia models, it did develop very well and produced some stars. Whilst the 6-series name began to mean anything and everything, later models spawned included the Nokia N95 – both among the best selling mobile phones of their year. We could consider the Nokia 6111 to be the little sister of the Nokia 6280, which offered a larger screen and better spec.

Nokia 6111 Review Pros:

  • The form factor was great. The slider allowed the footprint of the phone to shrink. While not as small as the Siemens SL55, managed to upgrade on it in every other aspect.
  • Function-wise this was well designed. Many flip phones had their keypads obscured when not in use. Here, some of the keypad buttons were transferred to below the screen, which allowed some limited uses on the phone when keypad retracted, most notably as a camera.
  • The phone offers the by-now standard Nokia OS, which is incredibly easy and intuitive to use.
  • The phone retains a decent amount of personalisation with different battery covers and housings easily available.

Nokia 6111 Review Cons:

  • This phone was definitely style over substance at the time. Because of its design commanded a relatively high price to the spec.
  • There was no external memory card slot, despite this being available on many older models of phone. This meant you are restricted to on-board storage, which at 23MB is quite small.
  • The camera was also a disappointment. At just 1MP resolution, this was below the 2MP and more shooters that were coming out at this time. The screen was also low resolution so perhaps this was justified.
  • The nature of the phones meant that damage to the slider mechanism was quite difficult to fix.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing:

Despite its limitations as a phone at the time (the Nokia 6280 was released at the same time and was far superior), the Nokia 6111 strikes a good balance between rarity and recognisability. Even now this will command a premium over generic older phones such as the Nokia 6230. Perhaps this is because of its design.

Future prospects look good, because availability is limited.

If you would like one, both Ebay and Amazon carry second hand models and accessories.

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Nokia 6111 Video Review

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