Nokia 7610 Review – Teardrop-Style Design Retro Phone Classic

Nokia 7610 Review: Released early in March 2004, the Nokia 7610 represented the shift in mobile phone demand at the time. Having penetrated every aspect of society with earlier models, users became more demanding in what they wanted from a design of a phone. Previously phones had been more conservative affairs. The growing trend was to be able to personalise phones using a plethora of changeable covers.

Evidently this was not enough for some. Nokia began to push the boat out in their designs, from less business-type to more younger, flashier tastes. In fact, the 7-series of phones were really individual and bore little resemblance to each other. This was a clear show of Nokia trying various tactics. The Nokia 7200, Nokia 7700, Nokia 7600 were all different forms of handsets at the time. The last two are rare and to this day fairly unique models.

The Nokia 7610 was not everyone’s cup of tea. It featured a distinctive design, and crucially offered a much larger screen than the popular phone of the day, the Nokia 6230. This came at a price as it was expensive. However, it was one many users were willing to pay.

Full specifications here.

As with many in the 7-series, the Nokia 7610 was a bit of a one-off with no real similar phones coming after. The Nokia 7260 retained the basic shape in a narrower body. The profile of the phone was similar in the Nokia 6670, but there was little else comparable.

Nokia 7610 Review Pros:

  • Unique design – the phone really stands out and there was nothing else like it on the market at the time. A rear design was broadly derived from the Nokia 7210. But the keypad was really the standout factor. Offering a 4-directional centre button as well as a whole array of keys, this was a lot more comfortable to use than other smaller phones.
  • The phone came with a much larger screen than other models. A 2.1 inch screen vs the standard 1.5 inches was a large difference. This made digesting media much more comfortable.
  • The phone was also equipped with many top range (at the time) features. We have the Nokia MMC memory card support as well as Bluetooth printing, which greatly avoided limitations of the earlier camera phones.

Nokia 7610 Review Cons:

  • The starting price for this model was extremely high. At a cut above the flagship models such as Nokia 6230, this was off-putting. Not all carriers offered it on contract, and it was expensive to buy SIM-free.
  • The camera could be argued to be underpowered relative to others. It only featured a 1-megapixel sensor with no flash, at a time where better cameras were being regularly introduced.
  • The keypad could end up being annoying to users. Because of the design, some number keys were not the same size which to this day is pretty rare for a phone.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

The relative rarity of this model means that even now it is pretty expensive to purchase compared to the more vanilla Nokia handsets of equal specification. Other accessories like housings are also quite rare to find.

In the longer run its distinctive style should allow this to preserve a big price premium over these similar phones.

Where can I get a Nokia 7610?

It might not be that easy, but try Ebay or Amazon for second-hand or refurbished models.

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Nokia 7610 Video Review

Here is an interesting video showcasing the features of the Nokia 7610:

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