Sony Ericsson V630 Retro Mobile Phone Review – Solid Mid-Range Phone

Sony Ericsson V630 Review: Released in May 2006, the Sony Ericsson V630 came hot on the heels of other slam dunk releases of this year. The Sony Ericsson K800 and the Sony Ericsson W810 were prime examples. This phone really epitomised the solid candybar style that Sony Ericsson were producing and design-wise many of these type of phones featured a central navigation joystick of some sort (dating back from the much older Sony Ericsson T68).

As the years passed, these phones became more and more streamlined in design. Progressively, screens got larger and better in quality although the overall design remained very familiar to users.

Full specifications here.

Rather oddly for this era, the naming conventions of these phones ended up breaking down a little. There were plenty of phones that started to resemble one another. The straight shape of the Sony Ericsson V600 was evident in this, but more so were the designs of the popular Sony Ericsson W810, and Sony Ericsson K510. In fact there was very little between phones apart from the ‘W’ series carried the pure Walkman branding, and the K-series tended to play up the ‘Cyber-shot’ camera capabilities of the phone. Aside from this they tended to almost identical under the branding.

The V-series was a case in point. The ‘V’ designation reflected the fact that these phones were on the Vodafone network. However, the phone was similar to the Sony Ericsson K610 in build. In software terms there was a tweak which allowed users to upload photos to a website, much like a blog.

Sony Ericsson V630 Review: Pros

  • This format has been tried and tested and is a polished product. Navigation-wise this is very similar to many of the big-hitting Sony Ericsson products of the time. Perhaps so similar that most people would not instinctively know what the model was.
  • A big advantage of this over the previous years handsets was the addition of a front-facing camera. This allowed video calling, albeit in VGA resolution.
  • As mentioned, screen size improved, although only by a fraction: 1.9 inches vs 1.8 inches. This was achieved by shrinking the bezel surrounding the screen.
  • The phone offered the proprietary Sony M2 memory card slot. At up to 2GB allowed real versatility for one to use as a music player.

This was essentially the same handset as the W810. People who were not a fan of Walkman branding could feel freer.

Sony Ericsson V630 Review: Cons

  • One issue was that the on-board camera had not been upgraded: this 2MP shooter was the same one that appeared on the older models last year. By contrast the K800 had beefed up to 3MP.
  • The design may be considered too conservative by some. Without the orange splash of colour of the Walkman phones, this managed to look particularly plain, although not budget.
  • With the phone only being available on Vodafone networks and a range of very similar specced-handsets, this limited its appeal greatly, even to those on Vodafone.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

This phone model name holds no real memories for people, as it more popular brothers were the ones sold on all networks. All things being equal I would expect a Sony Ericsson W810, Sony Ericsson K750 or even a Sony Ericsson K510 to reach better selling prices due to those models being better known.

That being said, there will be obvious attractions to the phone given its looks. We know that for this age this was a quality phone which took decent pictures and had expandable memory space and also shares the same batteries and chargers.

Perhaps the V630 being produced in fewer numbers may help its price in the long run. However it does not possess the individuality of other Sony Ericsson handsets to become really collectible.

Where can I get one?

Both eBay and Amazon have regular sellers offering second-hand models.

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Sony Ericsson V630 Disassembly

If you would like to take apart the Sony Ericsson V630 for repair purposes a useful link is here.

Sony Ericsson V630 Video Review

A useful video detailing some of the phone features is here.

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