Nokia 2310 Review – Vividly Coloured Budget Mobile Phone

Nokia 2310 Review: The Nokia 2310 was not a remarkable phone for its time of release. Coming out in the first quarter of 2006, this positioning of this phone was quite interesting. Nokia already had a budget category, where the Nokia 1100 was an undisputed king. The 2-series phones represented a small step up without even being mid-range. This phone was released alongside the Nokia 2610. Both were only a little bit more expensive than the bottom end phones but there was very little difference between them – a slight cosmetic difference and a change in the cover material (Nokia 2610 used a rubberised finish).

The designs of these phones were quite conservative for Nokia standards at the time and were well adapted for the market.

Full specifications here.

The 2-series was never the most popular series but the phones did stubbornly keep on coming as the bottom end of the market quickly gained in standards. We can see some succession in the Nokia 2626, and Nokia 2600, and later models such as the Nokia 2330 gained features like cameras.

Nokia 2310 Review Pros:

The form of the phone is very nice. Slightly more chunky than the likes of the Nokia 1100, and not using any excessively rubber finishes, instead going for a slightly more metallic look.

The metallic look itself is excellent and provides one of the more vivid Nokia designs (without resorting to aftermarket covers).

The phone comes in a compact 85g package – that’s about as small as the budget 1-series phones but with the addition of a colour screen and same operating system as the more premium phones.

Nokia 2310 Review Cons:

Arguably this was stuck in the middle when coming to pricing, adding a bit more money to the purchase could have gotten quite a lot more technology.

The phone offers no expandability at all despite offering a relatively large speaker on the top of the phone. No extendable memory card for music or photos.

The screen could also be said to be a bit of a let-down which was only a small improvement on many older phone screens seen much earlier such as the Nokia 3510i.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

The Nokia 2310 was never really a popular phone, so did not get the attention of most. This can work both ways, in that it is a slightly rarer model to come across, and can still net a good amount of money, albeit not the top rates.

Another thing in its favour was the covers. Not sure about the materials used, but they are much more durable than the plastic covers found on other phones such as Nokia 6230, and not prone to small scratches like the Nokia 6300. Many of the phones out there are in really good condition for their age which surely helps in the long run.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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