Too Good To Go Review – Chop’d, London St Pancras

Too Good To Go Review Summary: It was OK I guess, but nothing spectacular. Chop’d offers one of the cheaper options on the Too Good To Go app at £2.50, but this gets you one main course only and as such you may have to consider doubling up to get a good meal out of this.

Location: Unit 3, St Pancras International Station, Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QL

Additional Directions: Chop’d is in the ‘corridor’ linking St Pancras and Kings Cross Stations. It is fairly easy to find, being a standard sized-unit offering eat-in and takeaway.

About Chop’d: Chop’d appear to be a little similar to Tossed in that they offer a variety of salads as their main selling point among other hot options. They have grown and have 15 outlets nationwide with most of them concentrated in London.

Too Go To Go Data: £2.50 for the Magic Bag, collection between 19.00 and 21.00.

What You Get: On arriving you are advised that you can select one item from the fridge. This tends to be the pre-made salads, or wraps. I settled for a Chicken and Avocado salad, as we can see here. There is ample space to dine in store (indoor and outdoor seating), and if you wish to take away there is ample bags, serviettes and spoons.


Value for Money: The item retails for £6.25 normal price so this is a 60% discount. The salad is pretty big, and much larger than supermarket equivalents although skimped a bit on the avocado. At this price point though there is little to complain about although you may be out of luck if all the salads are gone and have to settle for something else. There are several other places in the station who also use the app, so there is plenty of choice should you not fancy it.

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