Nokia 3110 Review – Mid Range, Mid Sized Mobile Phone

Nokia 3110 Review: The Nokia 3110 Classic mobile phone was released in 2007 at a time where Nokia were at their peak and releasing phones at a quick rate of knots. The ‘Classic’ tag seems a little unwarranted at first. But it is remembered that the original Nokia 3110 was released in 1997.  This was before the time when mobile phones became mainstream and affordable to all. Unlike many of the other ‘Classic’ phones, this phone did not resemble the older model number that gave it it’s name.

This Nokia 3110 Classic phone was actually released in two variants. Curiously enough the lower numbered variant came out a few months after. The Nokia 3109 Classic was cosmetically identical to the older brother but the main difference was it did not have an on-board camera. This phone was also only available in grey, whereas the 3110 came in three colours. Unlike virtually all the lower-end phones Nokia made, this was less suitable for replacement fascias. Only the battery door was removable, requiring disassembly for those who wanted to change more.

Design-wise, this phone is a curious mash of many other Nokia phones that were around at the time.  It blends in premium and non-premium notes in its design.

Full specifications here.

With a rather crowded mid-range market, it is quite hard to say that this phone was a top seller. However, from here it is clear that the ‘Classic’ tag was very popular with Nokia and its 3-series phones, and quickly following were the Nokia 3120 Classic, Nokia 3720 Classic and Nokia 3500 Classic. Many of these are quite rare.

Nokia 3110 Review: Pros

  • This was a budget phone, but instead of cutting out all features, there is a compromise. In many aspects this rides on the coat-tails of the more premium Nokia 6300.
  • The keypad design was decent for this phone. A large space gave rise to extra-large keys which made it less fiddly than said Nokia 6300.
  • The phone provides support for microSD cards and also features better connectivity than budget models. There is Bluetooth, and also a 2.5mm audio jack plus mini-USB port, rendering the proprietary Nokia cables as not needed.
  • The phone featured the same interface as more expensive Nokia models, and just the specification varied.

Nokia 3110 Review: Cons

  • Perhaps conscious of the need to protect the premium customers, almost every aspect lagged the Nokia 6300 here. There was a lower resolution screen and camera, as well as a lower build quality.
  • The increased resolution over the bottom models made some more games possible on here (ie Sudoku) although many games were worse off due to the display not being as sharp.
  • At a mid-range price-point there were many other phones available which offered more in terms of spec. At this time Samsung were making some strong plays for this market.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

Sandwiched in between better known phones towards the premium end and the budget end, the Nokia 3110 Classic was not that well known a model. However, it was a solid enough performer. Its slightly rubberised design meant that this aged a lot better than other handsets and many can still be found in good condition.

Currently however these are fairly cheap.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Nokia 3110 Classic Disassembly

If you are interested in taking apart the Nokia 3110 for repair purposes, here is a useful link.

Nokia 3110 Classic Video Review

Here is a video review which showcases all the best features of the Nokia 3110:

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