Nokia 1112 Review – Continuation of a Classic Mobile Phone

Nokia 1112 Review: The Nokia 1112 was released in March 2006 and has some impressive lineage in its family, it follows on from the slightly older Nokia 1110 and Nokia 1100 (released in 2003). Over time this range of handsets are the best-selling mobile phone ever by number, and that number is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon.

The reason for the success of these phones were twofold: price and simplicity. The Nokia 1100 often retailed at around the £10 mark (or even less on special offers), meaning this was very difficult to undercut by competitors. And when they did, the ease of use of the Nokia operating system and familiarity gave this a huge advantage for users that did not need any advanced features.

Market segregation by handset was something that Nokia did very well, either by experiment or design and a multitude of handsets covered from the bottom user to the top, in numerous increments. It is somehow a little ironic that the bottom rung of the ladder has been the most successful.

This was another successful handset for Nokia which sold in large numbers. However, the days of mono handsets were coming to an end. The Nokia 1200 was another budget phone which featured this, as was the Nokia 103, but perhaps guided by the competition, even the most basic of entry phones started to feature a colour screen.

Nokia 1112 Review Pros:

Upgraded Keypad: The keypad features a slightly different finish to that seen on the Nokia 1100: this is more phone-like and adds a directional keypad to the mix which aids in navigation.

Durability: Sensibly, Nokia chose not to make the exterior of the handset anything special; this is a phone that is very durable and easy to look after. The housings and keypad are easily changeable.

Extended Battery Life: No colour screen made the battery life stick out above those phones which did have colour screens, standby time was well into 2 weeks, making this an ideal emergency phone.

Price: These phones were among the cheapest on the market and even purchasing one SIM-free was inexpensive.

Nokia 1112 Review Cons: 

Restricted memory: Although in 2006 there should have been not much restriction on memory, there was not much aboard the 1112: just 4MB, which only powered 200 phonebook entries.

Basic Features: The basic phone was much more basic in 2006 and many features of todays low-end phones are missing such as the 3.5mm jack and radio.

As we can see, it is difficult to be too harsh on this phone. At the price point, people will be buying this for a specific reason and it delivers on all of those fronts.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

No surprise that as there were literally millions of these handsets sold around the world, finding one on the second-hand markets is not tricky at all. In fact there are still new models (or models purporting to be new) at more or less the same price as they were 10 years ago. As a result, we can expect second hand models to not achieve very decent prices. On the flip-side they still have their uses as phones today and often keep their condition quite well.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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