Nokia 6020 Review – A Cut-Down Version of a Classic Mobile Phone

Nokia 6020 Review:  This was a strange beast, coming out towards the end of 2004. This was one year after the very successful Nokia 6230 came to market. The phone sought to package up many of the elements of this phone and release it at a lower price point.

The phone came out as a pair. There was another model, the Nokia 6021 which was cosmetically similar and all accessories were compatible with each other. But the main difference being that the 6020 did not feature a camera but the Nokia 6021 did.

However, the phone was significant at the time for Nokia. Many of its lower range handsets were in the ‘experimental’ phase with phones such as Nokia 3200, Nokia 3220, Nokia 7610, Nokia 3650 all having differing looks. The 6020 might have been one of the first to combine a low-end spec with a standard look.

Full specifications here.


The market agreed with this look and this was a popular handset. It made itself known across all networks as a cut-priced but competent phone. It was also more popular than the alternative Nokia 6021.

Whilst the actual style of the phone did not live on, it set the tone for more sober designs in later Nokia budget handsets.

Nokia 6020 Review Pros:

Premium finish at low-cost: This was a Nokia budget phone which did not have to have a garish design. Combining metallic colouring and a textured rear, this was a nice phone to look at.

Cost advantage: The phone was cheaper than top-end alternatives with slimmed down specs. However usability was still good with the same operating system seen in the Nokia 6230.

Camera: Imaging was well provided for on the phone at the time. The VGA camera was the same as the one seen on the Nokia 6230.

Nokia 6020 Review Cons:

No Memory Card: The MMC card slot seen on the Nokia 6230 did not come to this phone. We are restricted to the 3.5MB on-board memory.

No Bluetooth: Bluetooth was seen on the 6021 but not this model for some reason.  This made transfer of files more fiddly.

Poor display: The display was the same as the one on the Nokia 6230 and featured a lower 128 x 128 resolution: other handsets would be surpassing this pretty quickly.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

Although clearly this was a budget model there were also plenty of this model of phone sold and as such availability is good. It’s long battery life, reliable operating system and timeless style has meant that many of these phones can survive on as basic level handsets. They are popular, although asking prices are low.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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