Nokia C2-01 Review – Where Premium Becomes A Basic Mobile Phone

Nokia C2-01 Review: Released in 2011, the Nokia C2-01 was a good illustration of how Nokia had fallen by the wayside. The new touchscreen phones from Apple and Samsung began to dominate the market. With Nokia’s touchscreen efforts not being as successful (it would eventually go into partnership with Microsoft), the firm did what it was good at. It churned out lots of different models and specialised in low-tech.

This period saw a whole host of new devices come out. They all targeted different parts of the market: some basic, some mid-range, some touchscreen, some QWERTY. This Nokia C2-01 didn’t mess with the script and offered a standard design. In 2006, this would have been close to top of the market. In 2011 the phone was a solid low to mid-ranger: above the very bottom tier of Nokia phones but pretty much below everything else.

That being said, the phone did not end up faring badly and carved out its own niche. Even in the modern era of phones, the touchscreen has not replaced everything and there are people that still prefer physical buttons.

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So this style of handset clearly survived, although at this stage the naming conventions of Nokia phones had gone off target a little. A Nokia C2-02 existed, although this was a phone not really of the same type. This was a slider phone, as were the C2-03 and C2-06. Perhaps the Nokia C5 was the successor to this, coming out less than a year later but featuring some upgrades.

Nokia C2-01 Review Pros

A comforting look: There was something satisfying about the design. This takes cues from many of the old devices in its styling. The navigation keypad is a true tried and tested design.

Memory card support: MicroSD cards are supported. This was one thing that was missing from some of the older classic handsets which were around before the technology developed. This is still supported today. Couple this with microUSB support and the phone is fairly well connected and with the 3.5mm audio jack perfect for music.

Apps and Internet: The Symbian OS is obviously very limited in what it does by modern standards. There is still provision for the Internet with a cut-down web browser and also a Facebook app which works pretty well.

Price: At a mid-range price, the phone offers decent value for money and provides the basics.

Nokia C2-01 Review Cons

Screen size: This had barely moved on from 5 years ago. The resolution and colours of the then top-end Nokia 6300 were identical to this. It should have been possible to increase the size of the screen.

Imaging: The phone had a 3MP camera but this was considered quite weak and lacked in features such as auto-focus.

Alternatives: This part of the market was highly congested and there were plenty of other phones at this price point. The choice may have been either a good candybar handset or a poorer touchscreen handset, but the touchscreens had more on their side regarding apps.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

The Nokia C2-01 was pretty popular and still has its uses today as a phone, so demand still remains for this. This was by no means a notable phone so prices will probably never be too high for this item.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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