Nokia 3220 Classic Mobile Phone Review – Colourful Bumpers

Nokia 3220 Review: Released in 2004, the Nokia 3220 already had some clear lineage for its design: both the Nokia 3100 and Nokia 3200 occupied a certain niche for those who wanted something a little bit different from the most popular phones at the time, but at a slightly lower cost.

Perhaps the leading Nokia model at this time was the Nokia 6230, so this phone was broadly comparable: offering a cheaper alternative. With the Nokia 3300 name already being in use (a unique handset, released in 2003) and the Nokia 3210 name also gone (for obvious reasons), the 3220 number seemed about apt enough.

Much like the predecessors the Nokia 3220 went for a non-standard look in both the phone and keypad. Similar to the Nokia 3200 a large part of the cover was a holographic cut-out which could be customised. New for the model was the attachment of four ‘bumpers’, which as well as providing some extra durability could light up.

Another ground-breaking first was the addition of NFC (near-field contact), although this was only possible via a separate cover and was not well supported. In this respect the Nokia 3220 was ahead of its time.

Full specifications here.

This type of design ended up dying out with this model – the Nokia 3230 was more of a serious, business-type handset. However, the more ‘durable’ type handset was not finished just yet and models such as the Nokia 5500 had some similar features.

Nokia 3220 Review: Pros

This was a bold looking model of phone, and it came in a relatively small footprint. The keypad is of a more standard design than the previous Nokia 3200 phone, which will please some users.

The phone is also more robust than previous models with the rubber bumpers cushioning a fall. These also have a dual function, which light up when messages are received.

The extendability is impressive: not only the NFC cover but a LED cover allowing words to be spelt out when when the phone is waved (this feature never really caught on).

More games: reinforcing the fun format, the Nokia 3220 comes bundled with 5 games.

Nokia 3220 Review: Cons

Perhaps understandably for a budget phone, the Nokia 3220 did not push any boundaries. The display was a rather standard 128 x 128, which saw this bettered by other phones. A similar thing could be said for the camera: a VGA model with no flash.

Unlike the popular Nokia 6230, the phone came without any memory card support. With only 3MB of memory on board this limited the usage of the phone.

Connectivity with PC was also limited to the data cable (not bundled) and there was no Bluetooth transfer available.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

As a rather esoteric phone model this will gather some interest over the bog-standard phones. However used models in good condition may be hard to come by. Many rubber-based Nokia covers did not last too long without failing over time. Perhaps the most valuable of all may be the special NFC/light diode covers which may be extremely rare.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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