Nokia 3410 Review – Classic Mobile Phone Sequel

Nokia 3410 Review: It was always a tough job to follow on from a game-changing handset, but this is the situation that Nokia found itself in when considering what to replace their Nokia 3310 with. The mid-market handset probably did more than any other phone to make mobile communications accessible to all, bringing together a blend of style and affordability.

Two years had passed since the original 3310 was released in 2000. Nokia’s response was to release two handsets to replace it with, the Nokia 3410 and the Nokia 3510. Another (the Nokia 3510i) quickly followed. These handsets faithfully stuck to what made the phones popular: ease of use, cheap price, small footprint. And they also added a unique look.

Truth be told, there was not much difference between the Nokia 3410 and Nokia 3510 bar the design, but it was the ‘i’ variant which really went one step further and added a colour screen to the proceedings.

Back to the Nokia 3410, this offered not too much different from earlier models. It came in a small range of colours: the rather common aqueous blue and the rarer metallic silver and gold colours.

Full specifications here.

With a fairly limited choice on the market, these phones were extremely popular. However, monochrome screens were soon to have had their day, as well as 100g+ handsets and the newer flagship models were smaller and more colourful.

Nokia 3410 Review: Pros

The Nokia 3410 maintained much the same functions as the Nokia 3310, making upgrading a cinch. Most of the menus were the same, and accessories such as batteries also could be used in the two phones.

The major difference was the screen: the resolution was upgraded to a 96 x 65 resolution. These extra pixels allowed more data to be displayed on screen and greater flexibility with gaming. 5 games were now included on the phone.

The phone also included a WAP browser as standard which allowed some internet access on sites which supported it. By contrast this was only included on the later Nokia 3330 model.

Nokia 3410 Review: Cons

The phone was placed in a slightly awkward price bracket: with the Nokia 3510i only a little bit more expensive for more features this became a rather secondary choice.

The Nokia 3410 had also not reduced in size massively: this trend was becoming more obvious in other models, especially the new Samsung flip phones.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

The Nokia 3410 is widely available, it is still a popular model of mobile phone. Many are also easy to keep in good condition due to the easily available housings and keypads. Like the Nokia 3310, I do feel these will be always in demand as collectors items, although supply will ensure that prices will always be quite modest. With these models extremely cheap at the moment, they could be quite safe investments, particularly if they are fully functioning.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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