Nokia 3600 Slide Review – Novel Slide Down Mobile Phone

Nokia 3600 Slide Review: Released in 2008, the slide phone was nothing new to Nokia. Models such as the Nokia N95, Nokia N96 had this function as well as the older Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300 phones. But whilst the first two models were definitely the higher-end, the latter two were a little more esoteric and aimed towards the music crowd.

Nokia’s first mainstream slider was the Nokia 6280, which was released in 2005. Since then the dominant trend in these types of phones belonged to Samsung, with their very popular Samsung D500 range. LG also released some very strong contenders into this space as well.

Nokia released a few sliders to counter this, aiming at many markets: phones such as the Nokia 2680 Slide at the bottom end, Nokia 6600 Slide at the top end. This Nokia 3600 Slide falls somewhere in the middle.

Full specifications here.

On a pure phone spec this was no match for the better Samsung or LG phones, although the cheaper price point allowed this phone a good following. It was improved the following year as the Nokia 2220 Slide was released. The slide type of phone vanished from the 3-series after this though and remained a rather niche product as far as Nokia’s phones went and probably did not attain the same popularity of the top or budget products.

Nokia 3600 Slide Review: Pros

The phone packed a great punch, as it was closer in spec to the top-end Nokia 6600 Slide than the budget models. For example, the camera was the same: a 3.2M resolution with flash.

The Nokia 3600 also had a decent quality screen for the size (2.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels) which allowed a reasonable display of photos.

The phone also featured a microSD card slot – an essential addition for those wanting to use the music functions. By this time Nokia apps had also stepped up and this phone could run most of the applications.

The internet also featured strongly here with the Opera mini browser installed and maps support, although navigation would prove to be tricky.

Nokia 3600 Slide Review: Cons

A downside of the phone like many of the sliders is that customisation options were poor. Although it came in a few different colours, a housing change would require a disassembly of the handset.

A rather thick bezel also surrounded the screen which robbed screen size of precious fractions of an inch: this would prove to drop out of fashion over the next few years.

The central D-pad was inferior to that on other phones: the Samsung’s were easier to use and many LG models had an optical trackpad in use. With no separation between the keys it was easy to make an error.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Nokia were not well known for their slider models and it was the more ambitious efforts that were more memorable. That being said, the build quality of the handset was nice and demonstrably many of these are in good condition even today and solid enough, useable handsets. As such they may always attract buyers.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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