Nokia 6070 Review – Classic Budget Mobile Phone

Nokia 6070 Review: The Nokia 6070 was released at the start of 2006 around a year after classics such as the Nokia 6230. The candybar style phone was very much in the ascendancy here and a slew of models came out at around this time as many phones made the adjustment from mono screens to having a camera and colour screen.

The lineage is fairly clear: Nokia released a budget-style handset alongside its then flagship – the Nokia 6021 was a cut-down version and lacked in a few features, but at a cheaper price. This was quickly followed by the Nokia 6020 which was almost the same but came without the camera.

Perhaps to make the style more pronounced, the next budget mid-range model (the Nokia 6030) looked much different from the Nokia 6020. The Nokia 6070 here also continues on this different look, sitting somewhere in between the two models.

Full specifications here.

The Nokia 6070 saw some limited success in its own right, although as a mid-range phone was restricted onto the pre-paid networks. Its design did not die out, featuring in the rare Nokia 5070.

Nokia 6070 Review: Pros

For those who were happy to wait for a year, the phone brings a relatively high spec for the low cost. The phone comes with plenty of features that were missing on budget phones such as a camera, FM Radio tuner as well as many new games.

The phone also was a real no-nonsense design. The keypad was much improved over the Nokia 6030 with a welcome return to larger buttons. The phone also was lightweight at 88g.

The Nokia 6070 came with basic e-mail and internet facilities, something the cheaper phones lacked.

The phone also was easily customisable with different front and rear housings available.

Nokia 6070 Review: Cons

For those who had owned the Nokia 6230 beforehand, the absences to keep down cost were noticeable. There was no Bluetooth for instance, making it difficult to transfer photos. There was no memory card on board, and a default 3MB of memory.

The camera also was a VGA low resolution affair. Although it shot video, the relatively slow frame rate and the low memory status made this rather difficult.

Despite having a small overall footprint, this was a rather chunky phone and many other Nokia models of this era were much slimmer.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

These were always budget phones and are still priced as such today. They are cheaper than the more recognisable models of the era, despite the fact that they were extremely sturdy and still working. Combined with the fact that they are still quite plentiful, it seems unlikely that there will be good premiums seen on these for a very long time.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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