Nokia 6150 Review – A Classic Business Mobile Phone

Nokia 6150 Review: Released in 1998, the Nokia 6150 was a slightly updated version of the previous Nokia 6110 and featured an almost identical look. Both of these phones could be considered upgrades on previous models such as the Nokia 3110, the main factor being a large decrease in the size of the phone. These phones easily shed the ‘brick’ metaphor introduced at the time and were easily held in the pockets.

This may be around the period where phones really started to go mainstream and here we see a separation of ways: the Nokia 6150 is broadly similar to the Nokia 5110 in terms of features, looks and size but the 6150 model was slightly more premium and business orientated. Changeable covers were harder (but not impossible) to get, and a few more features such as infrared and car cradle support were bundled in.

The Nokia 6150 was also one of the first Nokia phones to feature the now standard mini SIM card, instead of the larger credit-card style SIMs.

Like many of the models at the time, the Nokia 6150 came in a variety of names and even slightly different designs for each different market (GSM/CDMA) and models such as Nokia 6130 are broadly equivalent.

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As we may know already, the phone was a large success and the scene was set for the next few years as the Nokia 6-series of phones such as Nokia 6210 or Nokia 6310 became the standard for business users.

Nokia 6150 Review: Pros

The design of the phone was excellent compared to those before it: the phone was compact with little wasted space and for the first time was able to be fitted into pockets.

A new higher resolution screen allowed for a better interface which would become standard. This allowed for a number of features such as organiser, clock, calculator and calendar, and of course the famous ‘Snake’ game.

The Nokia 6150 also saw the start of real continuity: the batteries were compatible with the parallel Nokia 5110 and also with the later family of phones going forward. Like many other phones of the era there were two batteries of this type: a slimline or extended one, which added extra weight to the phone.

Nokia 6150 Review: Cons

While the phone was tailored for business, the functionality of it was not quite strong enough yet to overtake the PDAs of the era.

The phone also came at a higher price point than the Nokia 5110, although with not too much to justify it aside from a slightly more professional design and infrared features.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

The Nokia 6150 will be fondly remembered by many of those who owned it. And better still, many of these are still in great condition. The phone fascia and keypad were extremely durable and of a better quality than other phones. As such it is still possible to find many in excellent working order. It seems likely that in the future they will command a decent premium.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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