Nokia 7210 Review – Classic Colour Screen Mobile Phone

Nokia 7210 Review: The Nokia 7210 was released in 2002 and was notable for being the first ‘mini’ Nokia model to feature a colour screen. This was not absolutely the first (the Nokia 7650 pre-dated it). But as a successor to the popular Nokia 8310 and Nokia 6510 models, this may have been the fashionable mobile to have.

At this time the Nokia phones were on two distinct paths – the bigger, bulkier (but cheaper) Nokia 3-series models, and the smaller Nokia 8-series models. Both were more or less the same in the way their systems worked and the user interface, which in part gave a huge amount of brand loyalty.

It was perhaps starting with the Nokia 8310 where designs started to get more modern and risk-taking. Phones featured more colours, changeable covers and more daring keypad layouts. This was amplified further in the Nokia 7210, with the colour scheme and keypad layout much different to anything seen before. As an insurance policy an identical phone (the Nokia 6610) was released alongside this which simply featured a more conservative layout.

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The Nokia 7210 proved to be a very popular phone and the look penetrated the market successfully. This phone was quickly followed up by the Nokia 7250 which integrated a camera into the proceedings.

Nokia 7210 Review: Pros

The phone was small and slim: it managed a slight improvement in terms of dimensions and weight over the Nokia 8310 thanks to the new lightweight battery.

The colour screen was the obvious draw to the phone. At a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, this allowed much more information to be displayed on the phone and better games to be included.

The colours also allowed some rudimentary pictures to be taken, thanks to the POP-port optional camera add on. These were limited and greatly inferior to digital cameras of this era but still a novelty.

Many of the same features as seen in the previous Nokia models were preserved or improved upon, including a new WAP browser.

Nokia 7210 Review: Cons

The bright turquoise design and keypad layout was not for everyone, and the smaller size of the buttons made them harder to press.

The screen resolution would prove to be on the low side, and quickly challenged by many other phones.

With no built in camera, the phone would become quickly out of fashion as many other phones quickly put these on board.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

Owing to its design, the Nokia 7210 is one of the more distinctive phones on the market despite its age. These are also relatively easy to find in good condition thanks to the changeable covers. These should attract solid, if not spectacular prices for those that are working and should be pretty easy to purchase.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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