Motorola V500 Review – New Colour Flip Mobile Phone

Motorola V500 Review: Originally released in 2003, the linage of the Motorola V500 is pretty clear. It is fair to say that Motorola were the original kings of the flip mobile phone. The original Motorola StarTac is extremely valuable and coveted over. Subsequent releases to update this mobile phone for the masses resulted in models such as the Motorola V66, which were also successful.

2002 saw an upgrade to the flip phone model and brought it into the colour era with the Motorola T720. This however, lacked a camera. The 2003 updates corrected this, and a slew of different flip Motorola phones were released. Perhaps the most noticeable were the Motorola V300, Motorola V500 and the Motorola V600. There were also a few other flip phones released in a much smaller size, such as the Motorola V150 and the Motorola V220. 2003 was a really busy year for Motorola.

The first three handsets were bigger and chunkier. The V500 weighed in at 123g – much heavier than a standard candybar handset. And there was not too much difference between these three models. The most noticeable aspect on all of them was they all featured a camera to the exterior of the phone. The secondary screen (which was becoming standard on all flip models) also made it to all models.

Full specifications here.

These models were stylish phones. The V-series continued to have many spin-offs of this type of phone, although the selling point shifted to reduced size in the RAZR series.

Motorola V500 Review: Pros

The phone was solid to the touch – unsurprisingly for its weight. On a more practical side the flip allowed a greater working area: the keypad was much larger than a candybar phone which suited those with bigger fingers and also made using functions such as the organiser much easier.

The phone was able to be customised with the addition of customised coloured bezels.

The secondary display was good: an ample 96 x 32 area allowing a decent amount of information to be displayed. The internal screen was also good and a relatively sharp 176 x 220 pixels.

Bluetooth and WAP were also supported on this phone, allowing files to be transferred easily.

Motorola V500 Review: Cons

This was a wide phone and fairly chunky. The aerial made it harder to carry in pockets (although this part was replaceable with a smaller part).

The memory on board was a paltry 5MB, which would not allow for the storage of many pictures.

However, the camera was only a VGA which did not shoot video: already surpassed by other phones.

The navigation was also a little inferior to that of Nokia at this time although it would not take much time to get used to.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Motorola flip phones are always priced quite keenly although the better prices reserved for the more quirky ones such as the Motorola V70 and the older ones. In time these models may reach that status as well.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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