Nokia 1600 Review – New Budget Colour Mobile Phone

Nokia 1600 Review: Released in 2005, the Nokia 1600 was part of a trilogy of phones that followed up the smash hit Nokia 1100. The Nokia 1-series had been truly groundbreaking. Offering no-nonsense phones at very low prices, they sold in their millions. The other releases at this time were the Nokia 1101 and Nokia 1110 which were broad upgrades to the Nokia 1100 and featured much the same design.

The Nokia 1600 was a little different, and rather notably it was the first 1-series phone to feature a colour screen. It also did not feature the rubber-style design that was very prevalent in the Nokia 1100 and the plastic finish was more akin to that of other main Nokia phones. Of course, budget colour phones had been seen before by Nokia – the Nokia 2600 was released a year earlier. While its design featured quite heavily in the Nokia 1600, times had moved on to the extent that this was a big improvement at a lower cost.

Let us remember the 1-series phones are meant to be nothing spectacular in terms of features. They are aimed at those who value reliability, battery life and cost over features. So it is interesting to see if the phone justified the price premium.

The phone was very popular due to the price. A sequel, the Nokia 1650 was released the next year which increased the size of the screen and changed the design slightly, phasing out the keypad in favour of a rubber mat.

Nokia 1600 Review Pros:

The phone features a pleasing design. The covers slide on and off much in common with many other Nokia phones, allowing the phone to be easily personalised.

The colour screen was a bonus over the mono models. Despite the screen size being smaller than that of the Nokia 2600, the colour display abilities went up to 65k, although it was not good for images, and the only real difference being in the games.

The battery life was vastly improved over the Nokia 2600 thanks to improvements in efficiency. Standby time almost doubled.

Despite the colour display, the same Nokia operating system meant that this was an extremely easy model of phone to pick up with many of the extra features remaining exactly the same.

Nokia 1600 Review Cons:

The phone was a small handset. Personal preference may be mixed as to the keypad, which could be difficult to press.

With only a relatively limited use for the colour screen, it may be worth questioning the premium over the Nokia 1110 (which was basically the same phone with mono screen).

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Many of the 1-Series phones from Nokia will not win any prizes in the design department despite being distinctive enough. However, they still remain very popular as a basic mobile phone handset. They retain their values well enough if in good condition. However in future I would not expect these to become real classics.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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