Nokia 1800 Review – New Decade, New Budget Mobile Phone

Nokia 1800 Review: The Nokia 1800 was released at the end of 2009. This decade was a huge roller-coaster for Nokia. At the start of it, they were by far the dominant force in mobile phones and were responsible for many innovations. By the end of it though, their leadership at the top end had fallen away as newer players like Apple, Samsung and HTC released better mobile phones. The reluctance of Nokia to embrace Android from the start cost them valuable time.

One thing that did not wane was that their budget line 1-series phones still far outsold everything else in terms of numbers. Phones such as the Nokia 1661 sold by the millions with users attracted by their low price point, reliability and ease of use.

So the Nokia 1800 was part of a release of three budget phones to refresh the range: the Nokia 1280 was the base model and one of the last mono Nokia phones, the Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 were updates to the 1661. There was very little difference in between the latter two models, with the former phone being a little cheaper.

As we may have expected there was very little changed. At this price point there is no pressure to upgrade the phone to have the latest facilities, but only to protect against competitors. Phones had reached a theoretical minimum size many years back, so there was little to develop on this front.

Full specifications here.

Budget phones continued to roll off the Nokia line, although these were taken into the Nokia C-Series. The 1-series was brought back two years later but model numbers had a digit removed – starting with the Nokia 100.

Nokia 1800 Review: Pros

The phone cost was small for a colour-screened phone: among the cheapest on the market for a branded version.

Battery life was huge: up to 528 hours standby. This was around the same as many of the earlier colour models of budget phone, but with an improved screen.

The phone maintained the trusty 30 Series operating system which was mostly unchanged throughout the decades save for a grid interface change.

The phone also kept some of the most popular budget features: the torch and FM Radio.

Nokia 1800 Review: Cons

Packing the phone into a small size gave rise to some potential faults. The D-pad was flat and the keypad had quite small numbers, making it harder to type.

Phone screen resolution was low: 128 x 160 pixels barely represented any improvement over models much older.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

These phones were made in their millions, and they have very little unique status about them as many models had similar design features. Given this there is not much novelty or collector value about them – perhaps unless boxed and unused.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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