Nokia 2323 Classic Review – Budget Colour Screen Phone

Nokia 2323 Classic Review: Released in 2008, the Nokia 2323 Classic had some big shoes to fill. The Nokia 2-series of phones were budget phones that were a step up from the ultra-budget 1-series, and featured colour screens as opposed to the mono ones. Some of these designs were really good if you could tolerate the basic spec of the phone: both the Nokia 2610 and Nokia 2310 had many things to like about them. The upgraded Nokia 2630 was one of the lightest phones in the Nokia stable, coming in at just 66g.

To progress the series, Nokia released two phones under this ‘classic’ guise: the Nokia 2330 Classic and the Nokia 2323 Classic. Both were identical cosmetically and worked the same way, with the main difference being that the Nokia 2330 version came with an on-board camera. But with this being only a paltry VGA version in the year of 2008, clearly nobody would be buying this phone for the camera to the point that it would not be required.

The low cost of the phone and its sheer reliability made this a popular handset.

Full specifications here.

This formula was clearly successful as there were other similar phones in the 2-series such as the Nokia 2730 Classic although that was among the last: the budget-phones began to be taken by the Nokia C-series.

Nokia 2323 Classic Review: Pros and Cons

– The handset was extremely small. Although bigger than the Nokia 2630 (arguably too light), the size made it very convenient to carry around.
– Incredibly long battery life was to be had here: A large 1,020mAH capacity battery powered a rather low-resolution screen making few power demands, giving standby times of well into a month – about as good as colour screen phones could get.
– Some more features were crammed in above the base models: email, radio, Bluetooth and a 2.5mm jack were supported here.
– The handsets small size was a blessing and a curse. The keys were not raised, making typing messages and e-mails slightly more tricky.
– There were features that could have been added, but were not: the lack of memory card slot meant that very little could be done in terms of music.
– A low resolution, 128 x 160 screen and only 4MB on board made the phone pretty useless for receiving photos.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

The Nokia 2323 Classic (and the Nokia 2330 Classic) were really mass market handsets that sold in their millions. They are among the cheapest handsets to purchase and are plentiful to the extent that a battery in good condition is probably worth more than the handset itself. This trend does not seem likely to reverse in future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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