Nokia 2330 Classic Review – Budget Colour Screen Phone

Nokia 2330 Classic Review: Released in 2008, the Nokia 2330 Classic was a follow-up to the quite successful Nokia 2610 and Nokia 2310 phones. These had successfully differentiated themselves from the ultra-budget Nokia mobile phones by adding a colour screen and having designs more aligned with the more premium handsets.

Some two years had passed since those two handsets had hit the market. A lot of things had changed in mobile phone world since then in terms of specifications of phones. Nokia’s approach had not: they released two phones to cover their bases. The Nokia 2323 was released at the same time. This phone was cosmetically almost identical and many features were the same: the exception being that it lacked a camera. It was plain that this was where the improvements stopped: Nokia had segmented the market so much that each niche needed to be protected.

The main upgrade for these two phones was a weight difference: over 10% was saved and almost half a cm saved on thickness. This new design also featured an integrated keypad. Further optimisations were to come with the battery. These models featured much higher standby times than their predecessors, and at 540 hours were among the best for colour screen mobile phones.

Full specifications here.

These phones were successful due to their low price. Their lack of features were not a major impediment, as the target market would not need them. A similar phone was released as its upgrade. The Nokia 2730 Classic came out the next year before the basic styles would be assimilated into the C-Series.

Nokia 2330 Classic Review: Pros

The handset was nice and light and the design pleasant. Unlike the Nokia 1-Series phones this was not immediately obvious as a budget screen phone.

A slight improvement came in the screen: better use of space allowed a bump up to a 1.8 inch screen and a slight increase in resolution. Battery life was also much improved over the earlier handsets. This alone was a compelling reason to buy.

The phone featured a rather rudimentary camera: VGA resolution was already outdated some years beforehand.

A web-browser and email function was included on the phone although limitations made it difficult to use.

Nokia 2330 Classic Review: Cons

The keypad being integrated wasn’t as good as a separate one: button travel was slightly less. This made writing long passages of text rather uncomfortable.

Screen resolution remained low at 128 x 160 pixels, although colour definition was much improved.

Only a low amount of memory was bundled on the phone, so despite the media ability in terms of images and music player the usage would be limited.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These phones came out in very high numbers and are extremely numerous. A popular trade phone due to the long battery life, they probably would still trade at low prices for a long time into the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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