Nokia 2610 Review – Classic Budget Mobile Phone

Nokia 2610 Review: This model was released in early 2006. A gap of around two years had passed since the original Nokia 2600, and since then the Nokia 2-Series had not seen much development. In between this, the Nokia 1-Series had gained its own colour phone, the Nokia 1600, which filled a gap at the bottom of the market. The time was probably right for another model to come in.

Nokia actually chose two phones to succeed the Nokia 2600 – the Nokia 2310 and the Nokia 2610 came out at around the same time. Their brief was largely identical – produce a low-end budget phone which was better than the base models but nothing more.

Cosmetically they were similar, but there were some key differences between the Nokia 2610 and Nokia 2310. The 2610 was the more advanced model, packing a bigger screen and GPRS internet. Curiously, the two phones came with much different finishes: the 2310 came with a great metallic-style cover; the 2610 came with a rubberised design.

With virtually no price difference between the two models at the time of release, it may be easy to get them confused with one another.

Full specifications here.

Both of these phones hit the spot in their target markets. Both of their designs are evident in the next iteration of the 2-Series, the Nokia 2630.

Nokia 2610 Review: Pros

The screen was an improvement over the 2310 and a big improvement over the Nokia 1600. At 1.6 inches, it was the biggest of all three and a 128 x 128 resolution was equivalent to the flagship Nokia 6230 of a couple years before.

The phone also included a WAP browser, an improvement over the basic 1-Series models. This allowed some rudimentary downloads and web browsing.

Phone design was good and the keypad was much more attractive than other budget phones – the silver offering a nice contrast. The screen display surround was new for this model, and appears to be much more scratch-resistant than previous phones.

As with many Nokia phones of this era the phone was customisable with individual covers and featured a standardised operating system.

Nokia 2610 Review: Cons

Budgeted battery life for this model was much less than the Nokia 2310 with lower talk-time and standby. Perhaps the GPRS pulls strongly on the battery.

There were some omissions in the software versus the 2310: most notably the radio function.

Covers would not be suitable for everyone: the rubberised design attracted dust which was difficult to get off.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Both of the 2310/2610 are plentiful and were made in their millions. Remarkably, these phones hold up much better than other phones of the same age and are more likely to be found in good condition. There are plenty of refurbished models on the market and prices for these are likely to be cheap.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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