Nokia 2760 Review: Mid Range Flip Mobile Phone

Nokia 2760 Review: The Nokia 2760 was released mid-way through 2007 and like many Nokia releases of this time was one of a pair: the Nokia 2660 was released alongside it. The key difference between these two models was that the 2760 featured a camera, whereas the 2660 did not.

Both of these phones succeeded the Nokia 2650. This was released way back in 2004 and was something of a surprising success, combining an interior rubberised finish with an exterior hard plastic shell.

Times had moved on quickly since then and Nokia had produced a decent range of flip-type phones. But the 2-series was always a budget one so we could not expect the boat to be pushed out too far here. And so it proved for the Nokia 2760, despite the metallic looks, a feel of this would reveal this to be pretty plasticy.

The phone was also rather under-specced relative to many other phones at this time, which was no surprise given the price point. One of the major selling points was that the phone gained a front-facing mono LCD, something pretty good for the budget.

Full specifications here.

Flip phones (and slide phones) continued to be popular with Nokia, often coming in under their ‘Fold’ branding. This 2-series handset got an upgrade in 2009 with the release of the Nokia 2720 Fold.

Nokia 2760 Review: Pros

Despite the plastic feeling of the phone, looks wise this was much more premium than the Nokia 2650 and had more in common with the Nokia 6101. This also led to a very light weight model (81g).

The second external screen was of good size and resolution: almost equivalent to one of the original Nokia 3310 handsets in terms of resolution. This was able to display relevant information such as the time.

Navigation around the handset was made much easier with the addition of a very large D-pad, and large numerical buttons. The advantage of the flip being double the usable space.

The very low price point gave this a strong following: it was the cheapest way to own a Nokia flip phone at the time.

Nokia 2760 Review: Cons

The phone was short on spec compared to the standard candybar models. For instance, the camera was only of VGA resolution, and the screen was 1.9 inches.

The plastic finish gave way after a while under heavy usage and unlike the standard models was very difficult to replace.

Although the phone came with a MP3 player on board, it only had 10MB space and no memory card slot.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Despite the relative lack of spec, Nokia flip phones are still something of an oddity, especially if in good condition and working. Some of the 2-series candybars (such as the Nokia 2323) are abundant to the point of not being worth much at all, but a flip phone like this may always be collectible.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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