Nokia 6280 Review – First Nokia Mainstream Slide Phone

Nokia 6280 Review: Released in 2005, the Nokia 6280 represented a little bit of a milestone, being one of the first slide mobile phones Nokia released for the mainstream market. It was not absolutely the first. The Nokia 7650 was released several years beforehand, but owing to its large cost (and size) was out of range of many regular users. Since then Nokia had also experimented with other types of swivel screens (such as the Nokia 6260, Nokia N90) and other large screen formats.

The emergence of really successful slide phones such as the Samsung D600 (and Samsung D500 before) led Nokia to release some models in response. The key advantage of slider phones over candybar or clamshell types was evident enough here: bigger screens could be used. This was a key advantage at a time where phones were consuming even more and more media.

There were three models of slider phones released at this time: the Nokia 6280 and Nokia 6270 were higher-end models (the main difference being that the Nokia 6280 came with a front-facing camera), and the Nokia 6111. This was a lower-spec model but still gained a following due to its much smaller size.

Full specifications here.

With Nokia releasing phones at a great deal of knots, it was no surprise that this successful handset got an upgrade: the later Nokia 6288 was released in 2006 and looked identical but with some improved internals.

Nokia 6280 Review: Pros

With the keypad out of the way, the phone is able to gain a much larger screen: 2.2 inches at a 240 x 320 resolution was about the best that could be seen on Nokia at the time.

The phone’s footprint also did not suffer too much unlike previous slide phones: 21mm was a relatively thin size at the time and 115g was not too heavy either.

The Nokia 6280 was one of the first to use the miniSD format instead of the microSD format: this allowed the same amount of storage in a smaller space and enhanced the phone’s multimedia capability.

The camera was upgraded on this model and now featured a 2MP with flash, this was above that of the very popular Nokia 6230 earlier in the year. Another major improvement was the front-facing camera which allowed video calls.

Nokia 6280 Review: Cons

Despite coming in with more power, there was a significant weight and size penalty over the candybar models.

The phone also was difficult to customise with new housings, which was bound to disappoint those who like changing covers.

The phone also loses some durability with the internal screen now connected via a thin ribbon. This was the crucial part of the phone and damage to this meant the display went off.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects 

We are sure the Nokia 6280 will remain highly regarded as one of the first slide Nokia phones. Whilst this type of phone would get even better in terms of functionality these are rather solid performers and will see buyers.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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