Nokia 6303 Classic Review – A Brilliant Mobile Phone

Nokia 6303 Classic Review
Released in 2009, the Nokia 6303 Classic was an upgrade to the much-loved Nokia 6300 mobile phone. Featuring many of the design features which made the original phone so popular, there were no risks taken here and not much else was changed aside from some upgrades to the phones capability.

As far as we are concerned (your opinion may vary), the Nokia 6300 represented the pinnacle for Nokia candybar phones. Featuring a durable metallic design, a high-quality screen and support for memory cards at the time it was an extremely versatile mobile phone. The only let-down was on the imaging side, with other phones beginning to use better megapixel cameras as a real selling point of the phone.

So the upgraded Nokia 6303 came as little surprise. Looks-wise it retained almost the same style as the Nokia 6300, but came with a more rounded style and slightly bigger screen. The microSD card capacity gained an upgrade (to 8GB), and the camera got a beefy upgrade. It was now a 3.2M resolution shooter which also had flash. It also gained a new, higher capacity battery which gave better standby and talk times.

Full specifications here.

The evolution of this phone was interesting. Clearly metal designs were in, but phones such as the iPhone were rapidly making inroads to the previous dominance. Models such as the Nokia C3 and Nokia C5-00 both featured touch-screens.

Nokia 6303 Classic Review: Pros

The phone build was high quality. A metallic cover meant dissuaded people from changing to cheaper faceplates and provided a reassuring weight to the phone.

The screen was slightly larger than the Nokia 6300, at the same resolution. The camera performance was much better, taking better quality pictures and came with a flash.

Bluetooth 2.0 came as standard which allowed the use of wireless headsets for calls as well as to listen to music.

Strong battery life of 450h standby was also provided: this was much at odds with many of the bigger screen, feature phones which ate battery quickly.

Nokia 6303 Classic Review: Cons

As a full-priced phone, the value proposition began to wane, especially against the iPhone and Blackberry phones which offered more utility. Because of the small size of the 6303, it was less useful for business despite having the features to do so.

The Nokia OVI store was fast improving, but many of the apps were not as suitable for this model of phone due to the smaller screen. Gaming and video suffered on this front.

The old Nokia charger cable also was a relic on this phone. USB support was added, but the data cable was purely for data and offered no charge.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

The Nokia 6303 Classic was as solid as they come. It was not a pure flagship like the Nokia N95 8GB, but it encompassed everything that Nokia knew they could do well. As a result the phone is well regarded and should be a strong seller well into the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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