Sony Ericsson C902 Review – Solid Mid-Range Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson C902 Review: Released in 2008, the Sony Ericsson C902 came at a time where the company were at a bit of a cross-road. On one hand, there was a great stable of candybar handsets such as the Sony Ericsson K750i and Sony Ericsson K800i. These had some advantages such as stable operating system plus a good combination of specifications and design.

On the other hand. touch-screen phones were really beginning to phase out these types of models. Their larger screens made them much easier to use and offered more potential. Sony Ericsson at this point had already dabbled in touch-screens. Their infamous Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 handsets were perhaps ahead of their times but remained niche products. 2008 would also see the debut of the long-running Xperia series.

The C902 was the beginning of a new product line – the C-Series. Debuting with a cheaper version (Sony Ericsson C702), these phones would co-brand with the ‘Cyber-Shot’ logo, already part of Sony’s branding in its digital camera line-up. This was somewhat of a marketing ploy as these handsets were much the same specification as those in other series such as the Walkman (W-Series).

Looks-wise, the phone bears more than a striking resemblance to the Sony Ericsson K770, released the year before. However, the spec was particularly strengthened in the camera, with the resolution going up to 5 megapixels.

Full specifications here.

The C-series turned out to be short-lived. There was a subsequent release – the Sony Ericsson C905 was a high-end slide device with an 8-megapixel camera. Ultimately the features ended up being amalgamated into the next generation of touch phones.

Sony Ericsson C902 Review Pros:

The design was quality: a metal construction gave the phone a reassuringly chunky weight. This was probably the limit of candybar design, as making things too small made the phone hard to use.

The camera was recessed slightly and a small slide out panel revealed the lens. This protected the lens from damage and also makes the camera much easier to operate in landscape mode.

More flexibility is given with touch-sensitive buttons around the screen. These are not physical buttons and operate in camera mode and gives a wider range of software features to the camera. Image quality is high, as we can expect.

The phone is also a good all-round media performer. It offers a similar media player as seen in the Walkman phones which support a wide range of formats. The memory stick slot can support sizes of up to 8GB.

Sony Ericsson C902 Review Cons:

Some of the similar criticisms of the Sony Ericsson K770 apply. The keypad is arranged in relatively thin rows, making it harder to press. This was probably unavoidable due to the space restraints on the phone.

The need for the camera short-cut keys also increases the size of the screen surround. This restricts the screen size to 2.0 inches, which is only a very small improvement.

The operating system was beginning to be outgrown by the capabilities of the phone. With smaller support than an open-ended community such as Android there was to be limited expansion.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

These are nice mobile phones which still have some uses nowadays as a basic phone. Condition may be an issue on older handsets but may well be covetable in the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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