Alcatel OneTouch 20.45X Review – Budget Mobile Phone

Alcatel OneTouch 20.45X Review – Released in 2014, the 20.45X was a fairly predictable handset. Bearing some resemblance to the Nokia 301, the phone also is quite closely related in terms of specification. This has been quite a common tactic for Alcatel and many of its releases over the years have taken after market-leading models.

This has seen a mixed range of success. Generally their models are priced underneath those of more established brands. The 20.45X for instance is one of the cheaper phones on the market and certainly lower than its Nokia equivalent. With the advance of the Android operating system it has become easier for Alcatel to offer alternatives. That being said, very few of its models have come to the fore. This is despite some of the more recent releases being quite powerful.

Confusingly, Alcatel stuck to it’s ‘OneTouch’ branding throughout – this is a brand given to their phones since the turn of the century. Despite the name, the 20.45X does not feature a touchscreen. That being said, it does feature a large 2.4 inch LCD screen, a microSD card slot and a 2 megapixel camera. Perhaps at a nod to the more senior user market the phone is taller and wider than the Nokia 301. The key explanation for this is that the keys are wider and taller.

Full specifications here.

These handsets sold in numbers, in part because of their price. An upgrade (Alcatel 20.07X) was released the next year offering an almost identical design.

Alcatel 20.45x Review Pros:

This was an incredibly cheap handset. Price was the major reason to own one of these. They very often were close to free, subsidised by a mobile phone network.

The phone was easy to use. The overall handset was oversized relative to the size of the screen to allow for a large keypad to be installed.

The phone features some items not seen in the basement level of handset: it features a microSD card as well as a 2MP camera. Bluetooth 3.0 is supported so headphones can be used. FM Radio and saved music files can be played over the in-built loudspeaker.

Alcatel 20.45X Review Cons:

The phone camera was a little underpowered. It comes without flash or the enhanced imaging processing that the Nokia 301 possesses.

The operating system, as expected is a little bit more basic than the tried and tested Nokia system. We still have many of the same features, but without the polish seen. Music, for instance is a little bit harder to organise.

The phone also packs a smaller battery than similar base range modules and offers reduced standby and talktimes. However, these are still extremely long when compared to the full featured smartphones.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Like the basic mobile phones this is still in use today for those users who only need a basic handset. With little brand value attached to Alcatel phones it seems likely that this will always be a cheap model to pick up. Despite this, it does offer some great value for money.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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