LG Shine KE970 Review – High End Slider Mobile Phone

LG Shine KE970 Review: Released in 2007, the LG Shine was the representation of a company on the charge. LG had been quickly making inroads into the slider segment. Previous releases had shown no fear of small innovation. 2006 had seen the release of the LG Chocolate (KG800), which offered a new take on the genre. The front featured a large touch-sensitive panel for navigation which gave the phone a rather unique, classy look.

What is clear is that the Shine had a tough job to follow. The most notable feature is the roller navigation on the front. This is not entirely new, with scroll wheels being used in older models of phone. However, this was a novel method of navigation at the time. Larger menus are much easier to scroll through with a wheel rather than repeated button presses.

Another notable item was the construction: a full metallic finish added an expensive look to the phone, and a reflective coating to the front screen enabled the phone to almost be used as a mirror: hence the ‘Shine’ name.

Spec-wise, this was not entirely top of the range. It largely mirrored the Samsung E900 (released a year before) with a 2.2 inch screen, 2MP camera with flash and microSD card support. For those who were not a fan of the slide, LG released the LG Shine KE770 – similar design and spec but in candybar format.

Full specifications here.

This phone was very popular thanks to its premium construction. Its successor was the LG Secret, which was released a year later. This lost the scroll navigation bar but for good reason as the phone introduced some touchscreen functionality.

LG Shine KE970 Review Pros:

The phone design was pretty unique (ignoring its 3G enabled brother KU970). An all-metal design also meant that this was very high quality. The reflective mirror-type screen was another memorable feature.

The scrolling wheel offered a versatile solution. The wheel itself could be depressed and two discreet keys to the side also allowed full 4-way navigation.

The display was also good for pictures and video: a good 240 x 320 resolution was packed into its 2 inches.

Media is also well provided for as the phone contains a microSD card slot.

LG Shine KE970 Review Cons:

Price was pretty high for the handset: clearly there was a premium added for the design of the phone relative to its specification.

Preserving the phones thin profile meant sacrificing the inner keypad. This lacked button depth, and could be uncomfortable to type long messages on.

The camera was a disappointment in terms of resolution and software, with Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones offering a lot more.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Many of these phones are still in good condition due to their durable build. They are priced above standard flip-phones. Phones that come in their original boxes are worth even more due to the fact that the boxes were designed to the same standards as the phone.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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