Nokia 2680 Slide Review – Brand New Slide Mobile Phone

Nokia 2680 Slide Review: Released in 2008, the Nokia 2680 Slide was a new addition to the growing 2-Series family. It was the first phone in this range to feature a slide mechanism. To be sure, this was nothing new at all for Nokia. Previous phones such as the Nokia 5200 had this style. Further back, this was first seen in the Nokia 6111.

The history of the 2-Series was that of value. Priced a little bit above the ultra-basic 1-Series, many phones were functional rather than stylish. But this was beginning to change, with some interesting additions. Phones such as the Nokia 2730 and Nokia 2650 were good budget takes on the more expensive flip phones at the time. The Nokia 2630 was also memorable for being incredibly small and thin.

Perhaps the better known slide phones of this era belonged to Samsung. 2008 models such as the Samsung J700 had a tried and tested formula. Whilst the 2680 was not in the same ballpark, it managed to provided some rudimentary features at a fraction of the cost. The phone featured a camera, although this was only in VGA format. Bluetooth was also provided. But that was about it: this can be considered the entry level for this type of phone.

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This simple phone worked well. It was some time before it got a sequel. The Nokia 2220 Slide came out in 2010 but was only a small improvement spec-wise.

Nokia 2680 Slide Review Pros:

The form factor of the phone is nice. Previous flip phones in the 2-series had the disadvantage of being rather wide. The 2680 slide does not suffer from this and is no wider than a regular phone.

Build quality is also good for this being a budget phone. A plastic back reduces weight, and the slide mechanism is also reassuringly sturdy.

Despite the change of type of phone, the operating system is little changed from other phones in this series. This makes it very easy to simply pick up and use.

The price of the phone is most agreeable, especially compared to other slider handsets which tended to attract the upper to top ends of the market.

Nokia 2680 Slide Review Cons:

The size of the phone could offer a downside. The keypad was a little undersized with the keys forced into a smaller area. This could make typing difficult.

The camera was a basic one: just a VGA resolution. This made picture taking rather difficult and was outperformed by many other camera phones.

Although the phone came with an MP3 player and Bluetooth capability, no external memory was possible. This almost rules out any type of music download, although the on-board 32MB was ample enough for other types of files.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These phones are distinctive enough and easy to use. However, at this stage they are hardly classic material. It would be pretty easy to pick one up fairly cheaply.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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