Nokia 6210 Navigator Review – Slide Mobile With GPS

Nokia 6210 Navigator Review: Released in 2008, the Nokia 6210 Navigator was an upgrade to the previous years Nokia 6110 Navigator. These were roughly a continuation of the 6-Series slide phones: primarily aimed at business users. Confusingly, Nokia started to recycle their handset numbers – the Nokia 6110 and Nokia 6210 were handsets in their own right. Quite why this happened is unclear, but these handsets bear little resemblance to their namesakes.

The selling point of this phone should be clear. The ‘Navigator’ title in its name. The phone also marks a debut for Nokia’s own navigation system: Nokia Maps 2.0. Combined with the on-board GPS receiver, this allows drivers to receive turn-by-turn directions on the go. Drivers of this era may be familiar with TomTom devices. Having this on the phone handily means two devices are not needed.

Navigation was something that was becoming freely available. Other devices such as the Nokia N95 had begun to ship with GPS and hence the same ability. The 6210 Navigator did not match the specifications of this phone. However, in keeping with the 6-Series, it is a pretty solid mid-range phone. The bundled applications were business friendly, with Office document support.

Full specifications here.

The phone was successful. A later release was the Nokia 6710 Navigator a year later which improved on the specification. This was the last navigator as its functions were amalgamated into the other improving smartphones.

Nokia 6210 Navigator Review Pros:

The maps access is at the heart of the phone. Bundled with a microSD card with pre-loaded maps, the phone is an ideal companion in the car. Unlike all other phones, the Navigator series has a special Maps shortcut button on the front of the phone. GPS works well and is extremely accurate.

The phone was further slimmed over the older 6110. The screen was now a 2.4 inch, 240 x 320 pixel one. This was equivalent to the top end Nokia N95. The phone also added an accelerometer and compass to improve useability.

Camera-wise the phone gained an upgrade and was a competent 3.15MP camera with flash plus videocall camera.

The phone also came with a good level of office-based features such as document editing, organiser and printing facilities.

Nokia 6210 Navigator Review Cons:

The phone screen was still slightly small compared to the larger TomTom devices. Even when used on a mount in the car a larger screen would have been helpful. The Nokia Maps application was also still new and was a developing product.

Wi-Fi was not provided on this phone, which was quite a surprise. Maps could still be downloaded, but led to some infamous cases of large data bills being run up on the phone.

GPS really drained the battery on this handset: for a longer drive a charger would be required.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Use of this phone is rather redundant nowadays. Google Maps offers navigation in a superior product. Ultimately this is still a nice looking handset that has a good range of functions so may be of interest to collectors.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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