Nokia 6810 Review – Innovative Mobile Phone with Keyboard

Nokia 6810 Review: The Nokia 6800 series was released in 2003. This was a real innovative model, even allowing for the fact that Nokia had started to push the boat on innovation. With texting becoming a much more popular means of communication, the problem for companies was that adding a keypad made their phones too large.

The Nokia 6810 solution to this problem was quite spectacular: the phone featured a fully retractable keyboard whilst still retaining a number keypad. It looks impossible to do, but with the keyboard hidden under the number keys it worked. This also allowed the phone to be used in either mode. The phone was also one of the first Nokia models to utilise multiple dimensions in the screen. Depending on the mode there was a portrait or landscape layout.

The phone was also unusual in the fact that it was neither targeting at business or leisure. The unique keypad layout allowed a premium price to be tagged to the handset. There were also bundled applications on the phone specifically tailored for the keyboard. E-mail was the most important aspect to the phone and was provided by Blackberry. Perhaps the start of their famous range of handsets can be traced to this model.

There were two different versions of this: the Nokia 6800 and the Nokia 6810. There was very little difference between these two models looks-wise, but the 6810 was a slightly better version and contained Bluetooth.

Full specifications here.

This phone was a success. It had an impressive look and the ease of a keyboard was obvious. The phone drifted more towards the leisure segment, and the later Nokia 6820 featured a slimmer size and also added a camera.

Nokia 6810 Review Pros:

The design was both practical and great looking. The flipped keyboard offers ample space. The flip mechanism is stiff and provides a good surface to type from.

The phone also can be used without the keyboard, just as a normal phone – it is very versatile.

The phone adds more features than the standard models – email and organiser functions are well suited to the keypad. For the media conscious, it also has Bluetooth and an FM Radio.

Nokia 6810 Review Cons:

The keyboard comes at a sacrifice, as the model is quite a bit thicker than the equal business model such as the Nokia 6210.

The unique design of the phone also saw it being priced at a much higher cost than regular models – a large premium to pay.

The phone couldn’t really compete with a proper organiser-type phone such as the Blackberry models.

The screen was small and at the default 128 x 128 pixel resolution and no camera was included.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Unique looking phones always get premium prices. It is no different for the Nokia 6810, and second hand this will cost much more than a regular candybar phone. If in good condition and SIM free, the premium may be even larger. A good bet for the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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