Nokia C5-00 Review – New Candybar Series of Mobile Phone

Nokia C5-00 Review: The Nokia C5-00 was released in 2010. It also kicked off a brand new naming convention of phones for Nokia, as it was one of the first C-series models. Having a letter prefacing the model number was not new (the Nokia E-series and N-series already well established at this point).

The C5 kicked off the new decade and the path to it was quite clear. From the 2007 release of the Nokia 6300 came a tried and tested formula: an easy-to use handset decked out in a high quality finish. Follow-on models such as the Nokia 6303 also used the same format. By 2010, touchscreen handsets had dominated the top end of the market. Their extra features and larger screens made them far more versatile devices. This pushed models such as the C5-00 into the budget to mid-range.

The Nokia C5-00 offered little in the way of progression in terms of specification. On the design side, there was more uniformity with other devices. The function keypad was reminiscent of the Nokia E5-00. But it never drifted too far from the success of the other phones: a metallic construction, low weight and long lasting battery came as standard.

Full specifications here.

The phone was successful enough to gain a predecessor: it was re-released the next year as the Nokia C5 5MP. As the name denotes, this was similar but featured a 5MP camera. From there on many phones featuring the standard keypad also went touchscreen under the ‘Touch and Type’ brand.

Nokia C5-00 Review Pros:

The design of the handset was pretty. A mainly metallic finish with plastic housing kept the weight down to under 90g. The size was much more pocket friendly than feature phones. The keypad is easier to use than the Nokia 6300 with the keys being large and raised.

The phone OS now features Symbian 3.2 which is more versatile than older versions. It is possible for some home screen widgets for easier navigation.

The Ovi Store now works on the phone (older models previously were limited). This allows the downloading of some apps. There is also a GPS receiver on-board to allow navigation with Ovi Maps.

Nokia C5-00 Review Cons:

The screen is a major downside. A 240 x 320 resolution is unchanged from the Nokia 6300, and this makes it difficult to browse internet sites. At 2.2 inches the space is insufficient.

The camera is not upgraded from the previous models, only featuring a 3 megapixel resolution and also losing the autofocus function.

The phone was well placed for media, featuring a video player and microSD card slot. However, Wi-Fi was not supported on this model.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Despite Nokia’s influence clearly on the wane by this point, many of these models remain popular. Their solid design and ease of use still make them useable as handsets today. Many phones still trade at modest values, but they may be worth holding on to.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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