Nokia N70 Review – Brand New N-Series Mobile Phone

Nokia N70 Review: Released at the start of 2005, the Nokia N70 heralded a new family of phones for Nokia. The N-Series of phones were designed to be high-end devices and some distance above the standard at the time. At this time in 2005, the predominant Nokia handset was something like the Nokia 6230.

The Nokia N70 was the ‘base’ model of the new series of phones. But even this was a heavy improvement over the previous flagship: a metal construction was only the beginning. The phone also featured a front-facing camera and larger memory support. The front facing camera was nothing new, and the design of the N70 heavily borrowed from that of the Nokia 6680.

The two other debut releases went one step further: the Nokia N90 featured a innovative swivel screen which was unrivalled at the time. The Nokia N91 was all about memory, and came with a large 8GB on board.

Full specifications here.

The N-Series was hugely successful, spawning a range of different phones. The Nokia N70’s successor was the Nokia N72, which was released a year later but was more or less the same handset.

Nokia N70 Review Pros:

The design of the phone improves on that of the Nokia 6680 and feels much better in quality. Like the 6680, the camera lens is recessed with its own slide on the rear. A slide down activates it, and makes it much quicker to take pictures.

The camera as well is upgraded and features a higher 2MP resolution and flash. This is a large difference to previous models. The phone also supports video calling with its front facing camera.

Phone memory has been given a large boost – 22MB allows for far more photos to be stored. In addition the phone accepts Nokia’s MMC memory cards.

Nokia N70 Review Cons:

The display is possibly the biggest let down on the phone, especially at the premium price. A 176 x 208 resolution is on the small side. Phones such as the Nokia 6280 were released only a few months after but carried nicer, higher resolution screens.

Allied to the display the phone doesn’t do its features justice. Nokia crammed in as much as they could here. Many of the Office editing functions came across from the Communicator series, but this screen isn’t adept enough to handle it.

Prices at the top end were compressed for these phones, with around £500 the top limit at the time. But for this price the Nokia N90 or Nokia N91 offered more compelling options to buy.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Older Nokia phones such as the Nokia 3210 can be still used today in their original intention: calls and texts. The same doesn’t really apply for the Nokia N70. It’s features set is dated, and by contrast can seem sluggish. That said, the phones in the N-Series are remembered fondly. It should get interest from collectors and those who used to have the phone.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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