Siemens AX72 Review – Basic Candybar Mobile Phone

Siemens AX72 Review: Released in 2005, the Siemens AX72 was an entry level candybar handset. Siemens had successfully churned out a few of these, with models such as the Siemens A55 and Siemens C60 gaining popularity. Whilst these model series had improved in their sequels, these phones were a bit more basic. The AX72 was almost a combination of two earlier handsets in the year: the Siemens A75 and Siemens AX75. Both of these were entry-level handsets.

Basic colour screen handsets were a profitable market segment at the time. 2004 saw the release of phones such as the Nokia 2610. Despite its lack of cutting edge, in terms of numbers it outsold many other big-ticket phones. The Siemens AX72 certainly can be seen to be designed with this in mind. The difference between the Siemens AX72 with the Siemens A75/Siemens AX75 is scant. With similar displays and capabilities, it is easy to confuse them for each other.

There were some slightly more advanced models released at the same time – the Siemens ME75 and Siemens AP75. But these were mid-range at best, with Siemens staying away from the top-end.

Where this did take to the battlefields against other giants such as Nokia was the price: the Siemens AX72 was often priced at a lower rung. For those not too fussed about phone features, this was often enough to swing the decision.

Full specifications here.

The Siemens AX72 perhaps has the distinction of being one of the last phones Siemens released under its own brand, as it was acquired by BenQ at the end of 2005.

Siemens AX72 Review Pros:

The design of the phone was nice. Siemens phones had a slightly different look to others, some may argue more professional. At very similar dimensions to the Nokia 2610, it was over 10% lighter. Despite this light-weight the look was still premium.

The colour screen was a bonus over the mono models seen before: the resolution of 128 x 128 pixels on the low side but in line with almost all other budget colour mobile phones.

The phone could function as a model via data cable to provide a relatively slow internet connection, and also a WAP browser. Imaging was also supported, although like other brands the camera had to be attached to the phone and was not in-built.

Siemens AX72 Review Cons:

Storage space was a small 1.5MB. With images and ringtones there would not be much free space for anything else.

A smaller 600mAH battery came as standard, which gave the AX72 much shorter talk-time and standby times than phones with bigger battery capacities.

The proprietary operating system provided a fairly generic experience but lacked the more polished performance of the Nokia.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

With Siemens exiting the mobile phone game relatively early, these phones are relics. Despite being a more or less equal contestant, the phone was heavily outsold by its Nokia equivalents. The phone is likely to be always very cheaply priced.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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