Doro PhoneEasy 508 Review – Small Phone, Big Buttons Mobile Phone

Doro 508 Review – The Doro 508 was released in 2014. This release seemed quite hasty considering that a very similar model (Doro 506) came out a year beforehand. The basic premise of the phone remained unchanged. These were handsets mainly designed for the elderly or those who needed more assistance. Some of the primary features were large buttons, clear screens and higher volumes. Doro’s advantage was in the additional features such as the SOS call button, and ability to store additional medical information.

The PhoneEasy range has been out a long time. Testament to its longevity, these phones are still in use today. With no real cutting-edge technology on board, there is very little requirement to keep the range current aside from marketing purposes. As we can see from the development of this series improvements have tended to be on the physical side of the phone. Lighter and thinner models as well as improved battery life has been the focus.

This is not to say that the 508 model is identical. One of the key upgrades here is that the phone added a Bluetooth 3.0 connection which allows for the syncing of wireless handsets.

Full specifications here.

This variant of phone has been extremely successful for Doro. No surprise that another sequel – the Doro 510 was released the following year.


Doro 508 Review Pros:

The phone shape has been slightly refined over the previous model. It is now slightly thinner and shorter, although the difference may not be perceptible. Weight of the handset has also decreased by a couple of grams. This is an easy handset to hold.

The keypad layout remains unchanged and is extremely easy to use. Keys are legible, large and are not too difficult to press. There is also space for some genuinely useful shortcuts. There are three ‘fast call’ buttons as well as a quick text-message shortcut.

Safety is in mind with this phone. The phone can be configured with essential medical information. The assistance button on the back allows the phone to automatically alert up to three contacts. This feature has not been replicated by standard phone handsets.

The 508 model also provides Bluetooth 3.0. This allows the user to connect their own wireless headset. Alternatively the phone is also hearing-aid friendly.

Doro 508 Review Cons:

The basic usage profile of the phone means there are few other features. There is no camera on the phone, for instance. However, Doro do provide other models (at increased cost) which do have this function.

The phones also come at a relatively high cost. If you are not in need of the more specific features to the phone, entry levels of most mobile phones offer very similar features at a greatly reduced cost.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

Doro phones are surprisingly resilient in price. A large factor in this is that many of the phones are still useable today. Typically these phones are not locked to networks, and many are only lightly used. This pricing strength may continue for as long as the existing SIM cards can be used.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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