Ericsson A1018s Review – Classic Fashion Budget Mobile Phone

Ericsson A1018s Review – The Ericsson A1018s was released in 1999. This was a strong year for Ericsson phones. Other releases in this year were the Ericsson T10s, Ericsson T18s and Ericsson T28s. These phones were of the ‘flip’ variant which were proving extremely popular. To some extent they also came at a higher price, particularly the T28s.

The A1018s was a cheaper model and designed to go up against the mainstream leaders. The phone could be broadly be compared to in looks to the Nokia 5110. This phone had gathered a large section of the market, thanks to ease of use and lower pricing. The Ericsson A1018s matched the low price. Memorably, it partnered with Coca-Cola to offer the handset for just £30 (and some can  ringpulls). In one of the earliest marketing tie-ups, the phone came with a Coca Cola logo start-up and ringtone.

The A1018s itself was not a top-end phone. It was loosely based on the Ericsson GA628 in terms of looks. This phone also had very limited usage outside the standard calls and texts. One of the more notable aspects is that it matched the Nokia phones for customisation. A whole host of different front panels were released in different colours. The phone itself came in different colour variants allowing for a vast array of combinations.

Full specifications here.

This phone sold in large numbers. An upgraded version – the Ericsson A2618 came out in 2000. This allowed for even more customisation – the whole front cover could be change – and a larger screen.


Ericsson A1018s Review Pros:

The phone was slightly smaller in build than the Nokia 5110. It also was a touch lighter in terms of weight. Talktime and standby times were broadly comparable as well.

The phone was also keenly priced and a little lower than the Nokia ones. This made it extremely accessible for all. The phone was very common on Pay as you Go networks.

Build quality of the phone was good. The keypad had satisfying tensile feedback. The screen, not being designed for graphics opted for a 3-line display of text which made letters large and legible. The phone also supported fax and data calls.

Customisation was a plus point. The phone front plates could be easily interchanged without any tools and were also available extremely cheaply.

Ericsson A1018s Review Cons:

The antenna of the phone was larger and pointier than that of the Nokia. This could make it uncomfortable to carry in the pocket.

The operating system was more limited and had fewer functions than that of the Nokia. Most notably, there were no games which was likely to alienate the younger market.

Future Prospects and Current Pricing

Despite losing out to Nokia in the popularity stakes, there still could be demand for this handset. Many are kept in good condition and there were plenty of different accessories for it. Whilst not as valuable as some of the older Ericsson flip phones, these are still well regarded and could fetch good prices.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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