Nokia 2720 Fold Review – Entry Level Foldable Mobile Phone

Nokia 2720 Fold Review: The 2720 Fold was released in 2009, and should not be confused with the more recent Nokia 2720 Flip. The latter phone was released in 2019 and is a modern day re-hash of this version. This phone came out at the same time as other phones: The Nokia 7020 was quite a similar model but a little better specced. More pertinent was the Nokia 2730 Classic, which shared much of the same design as this phone but came in a standard candybar format.

By this time Nokia were already well established in the flip phone market. Handsets such as the Nokia 6600 Fold were common, although none were really aimed at the cutting edge of the market. Nevertheless different segments of the market were targeted. The 2-series had long since been the budget ground for these models and by now they had adapted more advanced features such as a second external LCD.

That is much the case with the Nokia 2720 Fold. No real boundaries are pushed. The phone is little changed from older models such as the Nokia 2760. The camera is improved to 1.3MP. Most notable is the design improvement. A smooth black surface on the front of the phone houses the external LCD, but hides the screen edges. The effect is impressive.

Full specifications here.

This was to be the end of flip phones for some time. The smaller size of candybar handsets negated the need for flips and touchscreens offered more utility. There was not a successor to this until the rehashed Nokia 2720 Flip in 2019.


Nokia 2720 Fold Review Pros:

The phone came at a low cost. There was only a small premium over the budget 1-series Nokia phones at the time, not least because much of the specification is the same.

The finish struck a nice balance. It was a plastic construction, but with the front face being black it concealed the front LCD. The overall size of the phone was small.

Whilst there was nothing cutting edge, a wide variety of applications did make it through to this phone. There was Bluetooth, as well as a 1MP camera which could also shoot video and had some other interesting upgrades such as timed shot and digital zoom.

The operating system would be familiar to anyone using Nokia phones. The 2720 supported email via SMTP/POP and IMAP protocols, although writing messages would be a challenge.

Nokia 2720 Fold Review Cons:

The phone did not include a memory card slot. With only 9MB of on-board memory there was only so many files you could have.

The internal display was not an upgrade over even very old handsets and was a standard 120 x 160 resolution display.

The camera was also fairly low in power and was bettered by other flip phones Nokia made.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

The Nokia 2720 looks quite nice, and was never that common due to lower volume of sales. This makes it quite a good candidate to hold its value. Whilst it may not be a huge earner in future, it should be rare enough to support its value.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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