LG KS360 Review – Mid-Range QWERTY Combination Phone

LG KS360 Review: Released in 2008, the LG KS360 was an interesting enough release which combined a variety of trends. The top phones at the time were models such as the Apple iPhone and Nokia N95. These were quite expensive. Models with the QWERTY keyboard such as the Blackberry models also were expensive. The KS360 was aimed at the budget end of the market and by recessing the keyboard under the screen managed to save space. This feature had become more and more important with the increasing amount of texts people were sending.

This was not the first slide phone to manage this, but it was certainly one of the first budget ones to.

Another interesting quirk was that the phone was touchscreen-enabled, but only partially. With barely any applications optimised, it probably made more sense to restrict its usage. Thus, it was only functional for dialling. Elsewhere, we have a modest specification. It was far below the top phones but a bit above the budget ones. A 2MP camera with video and a microSD card slot for music were about the most notable features.

Full specifications here.

The price point made this phone successful. Over the next few years there would be several releases which had the touch and type combination. The LG KS365 was the direct successor but only came with minor improvements. After this, these phones went off in different families, but the touchscreen feature extended to the whole screen as Android was introduced.


LG KS360 Review Pros:

This design was nice. The phone was adequately sized and came in a variety of colours. A circular design was chosen for the buttons which worked reasonably well, especially for smaller hands.

The price point was also good. A phone well-suited to pay and go networks, it was often found at under £100 initially.

The keyboard was well-integrated into the operating system. Auto-rotate on the screen was used when it was retracted. The messaging function also gained an upgrade and now was threaded, similar to the Apple system.

Music was well provided for on the phone, with microSD, Bluetooth and wireless headphones supported through the A2DP protocol.

LG KS360 Review Cons:

Several features were missing that could have been implemented. Wi-Fi was not supported on the phone which limited much of the usage outdoors to that of a standard phone.

The camera on the KS360 was also rather weak. It lacked flash, which limited its usage. The video was also at a very low 15fps which were pretty poor in quality.

The touchscreen was not extended to other applications. This made tasks such as web-browsing quite slow, being dependent on the phone keys.

The LG interface was perhaps one of the weaker ones and whilst superficially looking like most others was harder to navigate. On-board media players did not compare that well to more polished designs such as the Sony Ericsson.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Despite being a budget phone, many of these models with keyboards have some novelty interest. The KS360 is no exception to that. The future may see this demand drop away, or these unusual phones may continue to get more interest.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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