Nokia 6680 Review – High-End 3G Powered Mobile Phone

Nokia 6680 Review: Released in 2005, for a while this was Nokia’s most expensive model (excepting Communicators). Whilst cameras had now become common on phones, the Nokia 6680 was the first Nokia phone to ship with a front-facing camera. This combined with the 3G connection allowed video calling to become a possibility. Another useful feature as the ability to take ‘selfie’ shots without turning the phone around. This was a large selling point and a feature that few phones on the market could copy at that time.

The design aspects of the phone are clear. It was quite reminiscent of the Nokia 6630, which in turn had some cues from the high-end Nokia 6600. These were slightly larger and chunkier phones than the other mass-market Nokia phones. For this, they offered larger screens and the Series 60 UI. This user interface allowed a grid-based display for applications and a greater level of expandability.

Whist the 6600 was better looking (in our opinion), the Nokia 6680 trumped this in other aspects. The rear camera improved in resolution and was protected by a new retractable cover. With one eye on the business user, the organiser function is more detailed than mainstream models. The 3G connection also speeds up the web browser which can render full internet sites. There is also support for a limited range of Office documents.

Full specifications here.

This was the last real top-end 6-Series model. After this the newer N-Series began to come into play. The Nokia N70 certainly was very reminiscent of this model.


Nokia 6680 Review: Pros

This was a high-quality solid design. The rear contained a slide which protected the camera. This was a heavy slide which closed with some satisfaction.

Imaging on this model was good. In addition to the front-facing camera, the rear resolution was 1.3MP and also contained a flash making it suitable for low light photos. There were also on-board processing tools for pictures.

The phone brought a new standard of MMC card. The reduced voltage cards were smaller and had higher capacities than the older cards.

Media support was good: on board RealPlayer allowed a wide range of files to be played.

Nokia 6680 Review: Cons

The price of the phone was large. With only a small gap between this and the Nokia 6630, many chose to go for the cheaper options instead such as the Nokia 6230.

The screen had better colour depth than the Nokia 6600 but in all other aspects remained the same in both size and resolution.

The joystick navigation had disappeared for a flat directional pad, which some found harder to operate.

The phone was also missing some applications such as a radio. This was a welcome aspect in many Nokia models so no real excuses for omitting it in a top-end one.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

This phone probably just about goes down as a classic model. It probably will not be as valuable as some of the models before it, or some of the models after it. But it should attract a good level of interest.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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