Sony Ericsson T280i Review – Mid-Range Metallic Phone

Sony Ericsson T280i Review: Released in 2008, the T280i was an interesting return to form for the ‘T’ (Tela) series. In this latest iteration, the phone was quite reminiscent of the Nokia 6300. The Nokia was a phone which really combined style with function. Times had moved on rapidly since that release. The Apple iPhone was released in 2007 and even after a short time had changed mobile phone usage almost overnight. Thus, the T280i was more of a budget to mid-range phone as opposed to a premium one.

The T-series from Sony Ericsson also had been neglected a little. In the past, it had produced some really successful handsets such as the Sony Ericsson T610. Some of its earlier incarnations such as the Sony Ericsson T100 are highly sought after. In reality, the growth of camera and music on the phones exploded with the technology. And as such, Sony Ericsson’s K and W series prospered as they marketed their selling points on imaging and audio respectively. The T-series was left lacking tricks.

This phones release came as part of a duo: The Sony Ericsson T270i was released at the same time. This is more or less an identical handset, but lacks the camera. This was a similar strategy to the Nokia 6020/Nokia 6021. In practice here though, the camera variant was more popular. Aside from this we have a rather vanilla handset. It was a step up from the ultra-basic phones that Nokia were famous for.

Full specifications here.

As with many lower-end handsets, this sold well in terms of numbers. A later version (Sony Ericsson T700i) came out later in the year. This had a similar design but was heavily beefed up in the technology stakes.


Sony Ericsson T280i Review Pros:

The look of the phone was clean and nice. Whilst not as thin as the Nokia 6300, the decreased amount of metal used led this to being a very light handset.

The camera was a decent performer despite the limitations of the screen. On board digital zoom meant that quality punched above its 1.3MP resolution.

Call quality was good and clear. The loudspeaker was sensibly placed on the rear of the phone for maximum clarity.

The price of the phone was also agreeable: typically at a very large discount to the more advanced models.

Sony Ericsson T280i Review Cons:

Screen size and resolution were on the low side. A 1.7 inch screen and 128 x 160 resolution was no better than the Sony Ericsson T610 which was released five years before.

There was no expandable memory card slot, which limited photos to the onboard 10MB storage. This also meant that video recordings from the camera were not possible.

The price point did not compare that well with older phones. A second hand Nokia 6300 would prove to be much more powerful in terms of usage.

Current Prices and Future Prospects

These phones did not get the same publicity as others, as spec-wise it was nothing new. However, the good looks and high build quality make this look like a more premium phone than it really is. This may see some good support in future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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