Sony Ericsson W100i Review – Spiro Is The New Mobile Name

Sony Ericsson W100i Review: Released in 2010, the W100i was the latest in the Walkman branded range of slider mobile phones. This had been a proven format for at least five years. Models such as the Sony Ericsson W550i, Sony Ericsson W900i, Sony Ericsson W595 and more recently the Sony Ericsson W705 all were in this form. This was for good reason as well: most of these phones were solid performers, and the sliding keypad allowed a larger screen to be used.

The W100i was called ‘Spiro’ instead, and reflected the new trend for Sony Ericsson to give its phones names as well as numbers. The Spiro came out at the same time as the Sony Ericsson W20i, which was called the Zylo. The Zylo was a better specced phone, although by this time touchscreen phones had become the leaders. By this time, Sony Ericsson had their own range of big-screen Android phones. Thus models such as the Spiro and Zylo were distinctively mid-market.

But not everyone required the larger phones. And the Spiro had improved upon the previous versions of this type of phone. It was much more rounded and featured a larger screen at a higher resolution. It also reverted to industry standards. Previous models had seen the Sony Memory Stick used for storage, which changed in these models to the now standard microSD card. The charger port also became a microUSB one. Most importantly from a musical point of view, a standard headphone jack was supported.

Full specifications here.

With Sony taking sole control from Ericsson over the phones, there was a change of focus after this. Phones were made for touch as the keypads were dropped. Thus, these phones are among the last of their type made.


Sony Ericsson W100i Review: Pros

The screen is nice and sharp. A 240 x 320 pixel resolution gives an effective higher density than many of the phones before. The screen is not large and allows the phone to come in at under 90g – very light for the size.

The phone also features standard connections including the audio jack – this allows you to use your own headphones without relying on the conversion socket as seen in previous handsets. The microUSB socket also makes charging the phone much easier.

The OS has been refined and is different to the previous models of Walkman phones. This gives a better use of space and also introduces features such as message threading which is comparable to Apple and Android.

The price of the phone was very low. Unlike previous models this phone was not seen as a top-end model and was priced extremely competitively.

Sony Ericsson W100i Review: Cons

Imaging was still not the priority for these Walkman phones. The W100i featured just a 2MP camera with no LED flash. This gave it a quite limited use. There was also no front-facing camera.

The phone came with a very small amount of on-board memory, necessitating use of the memory card.

Despite improving the graphical interface, the operating system lacked expandability with no application store. There was also no Wi-Fi.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

These phones are good in build quality and thanks to the standard connections still have some use as devices. Like many other Sony Ericsson phones they should still gain a certain level of interest.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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