HTC Wildfire Review – Premium Small Screen Android Phone

HTC Wildfire Review: Released in 2010, the HTC Wildfire came off the back of some really HTC handsets now rocking the Android ecosystem. The previous year’s HTC Hero lost its trackpad as the phones transitioned to more familiar controls. The HTC Desire was a premium handset for 2010, well capable of going up against the market leading iPhone. The HTC Wildfire had many looks in common with this phone, but was a slight downgrade in terms of spec.

The most noticeable aspect is the screen size: at 3.2 inches, this is one of the smaller Android devices. Sony Ericsson also specialised in the smaller screen device: at this stage not everyone wanted a massive phone.

One of the differences was the the HTC Wildfire was still a premium handset. The rest of the specification featured everything that one would expect to find in the higher end smartphone, with the exception of a front-facing selfie camera. Balancing this out was a slightly cheaper price. The phone was still expensive, but a tad more affordable.

Full specifications here.

The small screen was going against the tide. An improved version came out the next year – the HTC Wildfire S featured an improved display. After this the majority of HTC phones featured larger screens.


HTC Wildfire Review Pros:

Build quality was good, and better than that of the Xperia small handset. A solid metallic construction meant this was a pleasant device to carry. The smaller screen allowed this to be a very pocket-friendly device.

The device packs a good rear camera. The 5MP image sensor also features a flash and on-board processing options.

The phone is good for music. There was a microSD card slot, plus 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections for ease of browsing and attachment of audio wear.

The phone came with the HTC Sense UI which was pre-loaded with social media apps and widgets.

HTC Wildfire Review Cons:

The resolution of the screen was about as low as it could get for these handsets. A 240 x 320 pixel resolution made fitting a lot of information on the screen quite difficult.

The phone did not have a front facing camera, and thus could not make video calls.

Unsurprisingly, video was not well catered for either. The low resolution screen was not good for playback, and the phone did not come with DivX support. Unlike other high-end phones the Wildfire did not come with a TV-out port either.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Despite being a decade old, many of these phones are still regularly bought. The high quality designs has probably helped the handsets keep their shape and anyone using one with a screen protector is still likely to have one in good condition. Whilst not achieving the super premium prices just yet they may do in the future.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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