Nokia 2730 Review – Budget Mobile Phone, Premium Look

Nokia 2730 Review: Released in 2009, the Nokia 2730 was released as a pair of two quite similarly designed phones. The Nokia 2720 Fold was much along the same lines, except as the name implied, it used a fold style. The Nokia 2730 would also be quite familiar to fans of the Nokia 6700 Classic phone – at first glance it was almost identical. Many of the Nokia 2-Series had some pretty basic designs and phones over the years – the Nokia 2310 and Nokia 2610 for example. So this was a bit of a change from previous.

It was not just in looks that the Nokia 2730 raised the bar. Whilst not as high-spec as the Nokia 6700, it was definitely a lot punchier than the Nokia 2330 – the last phone to be seen in the 2-Series. Of note here was an improved larger screen, and the ability to take microSD cards. With a larger amount of on-board space, the phone could also make use of the Ovi store, although applications were to be slightly limited due to the form factor of the phone.

However, an extra bonus was the price. The Nokia 2730 slipped into the category above the 1-Series of phones and often was less than £50. There was certainly many more features for the money than the basic phones, which offered little else apart from a phone.

Full specifications here.

Interestingly enough this was about as advanced as the 2-Series got. Shortly after, Nokia changed the naming convention of their phones.


Nokia 2730 Review Pros:

The phone gets a premium look. In silver and black tones, this is a much more serious looking handset than many other Nokia budget models, which are adorned in garish neon colours.

The screen is a vast improvement on many other budget phones. A 2.0 inch screen at 240 x 320 resolution is really good for the price level and produces sharp images.

The phone gains a microSD card slot, which paired with the Bluetooth A2DP profile allows the phone to be used as a microSD card player.

The basic OS is ditched in favour of the Series 40 5th edition: this includes a web browser, flash support and access to the Ovi store. Some decent applications were here, and the phone could even use Ovi Maps if paired with a GPS.

Nokia 2730 Review Cons:

The phone only resembled the Nokia 6700 in look. Other corners were cut in the build quality to get the price down, and it would not be comparable to proper metallic phones such as the Nokia 6303. The keypad in particular suffered from style over substance.

The camera on the phone was weak: a 2MP camera with no flash. Video could be taken but at only 10 frames a second, it was poor quality.

Whilst microSD cards were supported, the support only went up to 2GB which limited users.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Many of the older Nokia phones are still kicking around in service. This is due to their low price, long longevity and cheap spare parts. The Nokia 2730 is pretty much a budget phone and has few unique features to allow it to trade higher.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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