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Nokia 6120 Review: The Nokia 6120 was an interesting release. The blueprint for this phone was easy: some great candybar type models had already been seen from Nokia in the Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6300. After this, Nokia began saving some of their better technology for the N-series of phones, such as the Nokia N95. But the winning formula seemed too good to waste and the Nokia 6120 was a slimmed down version of the powerhouses. It was one of the first phones to have the ‘Classic’ tag to reinforce this.

Of course, in the year since the Nokia 6300, plenty had happened in the world of mobile phones. The Apple iPhone had been released and there were other phones now featuring bigger touchscreens. Despite previous phones being classics, more had to be done. The Nokia 6120 offered many steps forward. It featured a front-facing video camera and added a flash to the rear camera. It also came with a 2.5mm headphone jack to allow users to use their own devices via a convertor.

One concession was the construction of the handset. The Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6303 were metallic in design. The Nokia 6120 reverted to a plastic design for the rear. This allowed a modest weight saving. An definite upgrade was in the software as the phone gained the Series 60, the same as seen in the N95.

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It was no surprise that this model performed well, being in a tried and tested format for the market. 2008 saw an upgrade as the Nokia 6220 was released. This featured an increased screen size and camera. The 6-series had amazing longevity and many of these models inspired the latest ones as new naming conventions were adopted.


Nokia 6120 Review Pros:

Despite gaining a plastic back, the phone maintained a professional look. The keypad was well designed and gained two extra function buttons over previous phones, including a handy menu key.

The operating system gave the phone many more features than seen in previous phones. Document editing and a web browser were notable additions.

A front-facing camera was now supplied and the QVGA resolution allowed adequate quality for calls.

The phone also supported Bluetooth headsets on the A2DP protocol. Combined with the microSD card reader, this could be used as a standalone MP3 player.

Nokia 6120 Review Cons:

The screen was pretty standard and was not improved over the Nokia 6300. However, viewing angles and colours were much better than the Nokia 6230.

The flash was weaker than other models and the resolution of the camera was 2MP, producing poorer photos.

Despite the upgraded OS, Wi-Fi was missing from the device which would have made more of the new features.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

The Nokia 6120 is a distinctive enough phone. Whilst not having the build quality of more premium models, it is a popular enough phone in the market. Due to its mass appeal, it sold in vast numbers throughout its life and many reconditioned models are available at modest prices.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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