Sagem MYX-6 Review – Surprise Hit Photo Mobile Phone

Sagem MYX-6 Review: Released in 2003, the Sagem MYX-6 was a great example of a mobile phone that came from nowhere. At the time, Sagem were a rather niche manufacturer, better known for some low budget designs. The Sagem MW3020 was a notable handset for combining a smaller size phone with a large monographic screen. The 2002 release of the Sagem MYX-5 surprised a few people. This was a colour handset, which also came in a smart metallic-style case. With Nokia using a rer experimental design for the Nokia 7210, this was a good time as any to have a standard design.

Momentum was with Sagem when the MYX-6 was released. This managed to better its predecessor in many ways, not least as it added a camera. This was still a relatively rare feature at the time, so this made the phone stand out. The phone even stood out amongst the market favorite at the time, the Nokia 7250i. The Sagem packed a larger, more colourful screen as well as a superior camera as well as bigger capacity battery.

Many features were also ‘borrowed’ from the now tried and tested Nokia formula. Leisure users would enjoy the phone due to the large range of polyphonic ringtones and the look of the phone could be personalised with changeable covers.

Full specifications here.

This was a successful handset, and paved the way for the next released. The Sagem MYX-7 had a lot in common with this phone and also made similar waves by out-doing the competition. At around this time was the peak of activity in terms of the number of Sagem models released.


Sagem MYX-6 Review: Pros

The screen was impressive. The 65k colour definition brought a new dimension to photos, and with a 12-line display was 50% bigger than those seen on the Nokia 7250.

The camera was of good quality, with a higher sensitivity sensor giving better definition to photos. Although there was not a flash, the lens was able to be protected with a slide cover.

The keypad was well laid out with a larger space available. Navigation was via an oversized directional pad.

The phone came at a discount to equivalent Nokia phones. It was also possible to change housings. Whilst going for a metallic look, it was actually plastic.

Sagem MYX-6 Review: Cons

The phone had no additional memory save for the 2.3MB on board. This made saving a large amount of photos difficult.

Whilst multimedia features were in abundance, the phone lacked many other features of the Nokia phones such as a radio, which was a big feature in many of their top models.

It was also not possible to install java applications on the phones, mostly due to the limited space on board.

Current Prices and Future Prospects

The phone was successful, but not available in large quantities nowadays. This may be off the radar for collectors, so there may be a rather thin and volatile market for this phone. The same goes for many Sagem phones.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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