Samsung U600 Review – Ultra Thin Slide Mobile Phone

Samsung U600 Review: Released in 2007, the Samsung U600 was the latest in the ‘Ultra’ edition of mobile phones. Typically these were extremely thin phones and Samsung’s answer to popular phones at the time such as the Motorola V3. The best-selling Samsung D500 and D600 range had already seen an Ultra variant in the Samsung D900. But with technology moving quickly, there was an opportunity to improve.

The Samsung U600 came out barely six months after the D900. Yet the thickness of the phone had gone down considerably, to just over 1cm. This was much thinner than previous models, and also the RAZR phones (although the Samsung came out much later). At the time, this was about the thinnest phone in its class.

As with many phones that favoured factor over spec, there were some compromises to be made. The phone paled in comparison to the Nokia N95, for instance. But perhaps this was to be expected with a limited amount of space in the phone.

The phone had two variants: the Samsung U700 was released at the same time. This phone sacrificed some thinness and was slightly thicker. For this the phone gained a front-facing video camera.

Full specifications here.

This was to be the last U-series slider. Other Samsung slides in different families were catching up in thinness, and this was about as far as they could go in terms of build. Many subsequent sliders such as the Samsung G600 prioritised spec over form.


Samsung U600 Review Pros:

The look and build quality were great on the phone. Despite being extremely thin, the phone also felt surprisingly sold. For anyone coming from an older Samsung slider the difference would be noticeable.

The phone also simplified the front screen with a vast reduction in buttons. Instead we gained a much larger navigation pad along with touch-sensitive rather than physical buttons.

The camera was much improved over previous models and also combined autofocus with flash and some onboard image editing.

The media component was heavily beefed up: the microSD card could read MP3 files and the phone also had a TV-out function.

Samsung U600 Review Cons:

The keypad could prove hard to use. To save width the keypad was a flat pad, which made typing longer messages a bit harder due to the touch sensitive nature.

The phone did not come with Wi-Fi, or 3G. This made using the on-board browser slightly slow.

The phone display resolution had not changed since the D600 and was a rather low 240 x 320 pixels.

Battery life also suffered on these models as a smaller 690mAH capacity battery was used. This produced much shorter talk times than other models which could afford the extra bulk.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

Despite being more or less out of use today the phone is fairly distinctive. Even by today’s standards it is an extremely thin model. There certainly is a possibility in future that this may start to pick up premium prices.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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