Sony Ericsson P900 Review – Elegant Touchscreen Phone

Sony Ericsson P900 Review: Released in 2003, the Sony Ericsson P900 was the successor to the Sony Ericsson P800. Both these phones could have been said to be way ahead of their time. Their signature feature was a flip-down keypad which could also be removed. The phone featured a touchscreen which could be used without the keypad, thus offering a sneak preview of the next generation of phone. The P900 was not so much competition for the Nokia 6600 (released in 2003), but as a slimmed-down version of the Nokia Communicator series, which did not offer touchscreens.

The major differences between the Sony Ericsson P900 and P800 were mainly cosmetic. The phone featured a slimmed-down metallic look as opposed to the plastic one of the P800. The stylus also gained an upgrade and was recessed into the housing instead of clipped onto the side. There were some software upgrades as well, with the camera able to handle video recordings. The battery life also gained a slight boost.

The number of other features here also outranked many phones of the time. A Symbian-based operating system combined nicely with the Sony-style jogwheel, which was definitely more suitable to navigating menus with many items.

Full specifications here.

These phones were really successful – not surprising as they were pretty unique in the market both in design and performance. An upgraded Sony Ericsson P910 hit the shelves a year later, followed by the Sony Ericsson P990 in 2005. The 2007 Sony Ericsson P1 was probably the last in this line.

Sony Ericsson P900 Review Pros:

The design of the phone was excellent and much more visually appealing than the P800. The phone had slimmed down a lot and had lost almost 20% of the weight of the earlier phone.

The display was also improved in terms of colour definition: it was now a 65k colour display making photos look better.

Unsurprisingly for a business phone the connections were good. The phone came with a USB dock for the PC and Bluetooth and infrared connections were also available.

The software was pretty comprehensive and instead of skinning a previous version this made allowances for the touchscreen and stylus.

Sony Ericsson P900 Review Cons:

The screen was still the same resolution of that of the P800, and also the same size: thus colour was the only upgrade.

The camera also did not get an upgrade, as VGA was still the resolution. The video capability was only basic as the Sony memory slot only accommodated cards up to 128MB.

The phone was extremely high in price and certainly up there with the Nokia Communicators. It could be said this was only a mere cosmetic upgrade over the old P800.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

This is an excellent phone due to the fact is it very unique. Even now, prices have crept up and this will be more expensive than an average Android phone of a few years of age. The top prices are reserved for those handsets which still have the flip and stylus, as these are often lost.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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