Sony Ericsson W205 Review – Historic Budget Walkman Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson W205 Review: This phone was notable if only for the fact that it was one of the last ‘Walkman’ branded keypad phones released by Sony Ericsson. The 2009 release of this phone did not exactly correlate with the numbering as there were plenty of phones down the years in this family. The Walkman trend began in 2005 with the Sony Ericsson W800. Over the next four years this would prove to be a very versatile brand as phones of different types and specs were released.

The last release saw two phones come out. Both were slider models: the Sony Ericsson W995 was about the most powerful phone in the series and was broadly equivalent to the Nokia N95. The Sony Ericsson W205 was more of a budget model. It was not related to the Sony Ericsson W200 (a candybar style device), but came in the style of the Sony Ericsson W595. The W595 was released in 2008 and was more of an upper-end device.

The W205 lost some of the specifications and packaged this in a smoother, shinier exterior which weighed a little less than previous phones. The other notable factor was the price: it was a cheap enough handset which could double as an MP3 player.

Full specifications here.

As mentioned this was the end of an era. Walkman still featured as part of the phone software but this was behind other brand names such as the new Xperia brand. By the time the Walkman brand came to feature prominently again phones had gone to an all-touch interface.


Sony Ericsson W205 Review Pros:

The design of the phone was excellent. The rubberised finish that plagued many other phones in this series was replaced with a smooth plastic one. With the slide shut it resembled an genuine MP3 player and could be used as such.

As we might guess, music is the strong point of the phone. The phone accepts the Sony memory card up to 2GB. In music phone, the slated life of the phone is 13 hours, which was comparable to other standalone MP3 players, although much inferior to the previous Sony Ericsson W595.

As usual a decent pair of headphones is supplied. The phone also comes with a 3.5mm port conversion socket so any pair of headphones can be used. Sound quality was good.

The price of the phone was cheap and comparable to the standard candybar handset.

Sony Ericsson W205 Review Cons:

2GB was the limit for the memory card as the phone would not support more. This would be a disappointment for music lovers, who could easily fill up more.

The camera on the phone was pretty weak: a 1.3MP version was quite a bit under previous models.

The screen on the phone also produced a low resolution of 128 x 160. This was only in line with many first generation colour handsets.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

Sony Ericsson slides are pretty common and look quite similar to the untrained eye. Given this it may be expected this this phone will always attract a pretty generic price.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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