Nokia E51 Review – Slimline Business Mobile Phone

Nokia E51 Review: Released in 2007, the Nokia E51 was an update on the Nokia E50. This was a new design for E-series of phones, which had seen some larger and high-powered handsets. The Nokia E61 or Nokia E72 were examples of phones that gave the user a full QWERTY keypad but also targeted business users with a wide range of applications. This idea was executed very well and these handsets proved to be very popular, albeit at a high price tag.

The new E50 series of phone was released in 2006 and sought the replicate the communication features but ditch the keypad. This allowed the phone to revert back to a more standard dimension and make it more pocket-friendly. The Nokia E51 retained much of the look but was a far more substantial update than many others. The screen colour capacity was improved to 16M. Most importantly the phone gained Wi-Fi, which also made video calling possible. All in all this was a much more friendly business handset.

Full specifications here.

Again this phone was popular with both business and leisure users. The next upgrade in this series was unsurprisingly called the Nokia E52. This took a couple of years to be released, and did not debut until 2009. This corrected some of the downsides to this model.


Nokia E51 Review Pros:

Connectivity was much improved on this phone. Wi-Fi (and video calling over Wi-Fi) was included, and this was a quad-band phone meaning it could work the world over. GPRS and EDGE were supported as far as mobile data was concerned, making this good to use on the move.

The build quality of the handset was excellent. Despite looking like a regular phone, the E51 had a metal construction and a higher quality keypad than the mid and budget range of phones.

The pop-port of the previous Nokia phones was done away with and replaced with a standard USB connection for data – this often meant less cables to carry.

The phone featured the same Series 6 software as the other E-series phones which added an impressive software suite to the phone.

Nokia E51 Review Cons:

The reduction in size came with some trade-offs. The phone gained several short-cut keys on the main keypad, although the size made it hard to use for long periods of texting.

The camera on the phone was below the standard of others such as the Nokia N95. It was 2MP and no flash, or autofocus.

Music software on the phone also took less of a priority than on the N-series with few options available.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

With a plethora of Nokia candybars available, the Nokia E51 is probably one of the least recognisable ones. Its value relative to others may suffer for that. It is a high quality phone and in future should be recoginsed as such.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Nokia E51 Disassembly

If you would like to learn how to take apart the Nokia E51 for disassembly purposes, this link should help.

Nokia E51 Video Review

Here is a video showcasing some of the features of the Nokia E51:

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