Samsung C300 Review – Premium Look, Budget Price

Samsung C300 Review: Released in 2006, this new Samsung model came at a time where Samsung where expanding their range heavily. This meant a large number of handsets being released in a short period of time. With touchscreens yet to hit the market, these handsets were thus either in the candybar, flip or slide format. The new Samsung C-Series of phones covered all these bases, and generally appealed to those who were more price conscious. There was less focus on retaining a certain style of phone within this family.

The Samsung C300 can draw heavily on its style from the previous Samsung D600 (and Samsung D500). These phones were the slider models that were perhaps Samsung’s most successful. Using a slide rather than a flip allowed the phone a greater degree of useability. It also gave the camera a more natural angle, with the phone screen being able to be used as a viewfinder.

However, the C300 only inherited looks. With the previous models being higher-end handsets, the C300 was a budget one. Thus many of the good features ended up disappearing as a sacrifice to keep the price low, and in general this was a pretty basic phone.

Full specifications here.

This was a crowded part of the market. The slide design also made its way into other ‘families’ of Samsung models of various specification. There were plenty of alternatives available. With so many different models, the C-series took a bit of a back seat in terms of releases, although the Samsung C3110 was released in 2009. This too was a budget model, but technology had moved so much that this specification was much in line with the Samsung D600.


Samsung C300 Review Pros:

  • The form factor was nice. The slide mechanism was reassuringly solid and worked in the same way as the Samsung D600. From a looks point of view it was hard to tell that this was a budget phone.
  • A simplified navi-pad sits on the front of the phone. This allows usage of certain phone functions without sliding the phone open. The keypad is rubberised allowing a greater degree of durability.
  • There was greater compatibility with other devices. Samsung’s older flip models had used an integrated battery/back panel. This had now changed a slim removable back meant that a standard Samsung battery could be used.
  • The operating system was pretty common now, with several low-end Samsung phones using it. This was easy to use and also featured Java support.

Samsung C300 Review Cons:

  • Most noticeably there was no camera on this model, where it would have been easy to fit one in the same place as other slide phones. This could not be added via attachment either.
  • The screen resolution was a much poorer quality than others: a 128 x  160 resolution across a 1.8 inch screen was quite poor for graphics and text was grainy.
  • There was only a limited amount of storage on the phone: 2MB provided for a lot of saved contacts but little else in terms of graphics or programs.
  • Sound was also limited on this phone. MP3 support was something seen on the D600 but here the C300 was limited to polyphonic sounds only.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

It is perhaps easy to confuse the Samsung C300 with more expensive models of its day. This may result in higher prices. The phone still is an adequate basic phone so may have some current usage.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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Samsung C300 Disassembly Guide

If you would like to take apart the Samsung C300 for repair purposes, here is a link.

Samsung C300 Video Review

Here is a quick review of the Samsung C300 which shows its basic features:

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